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animal farm

No description

Ryan Sears

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of animal farm


England Setting Point of View This book uses third person point of view. The narrator is not involved in the book. The author uses the word "they" to refer to the animals. Theme Treat others how you would like to be treated. Characters Major Napoleon
Snowball Minor Major
Squealer Napoleon Snowball a pig
takes over after Major dies
works for Mr. Jones
is kicked off the farm
traitor a pig
takes over after Snowball leaves
wants to make farm better
unfair on an animal farm Exposition Animal farm was ran by humans that mistreated the animals. Rising Action The animals have taken over the farm. Climax Snowball has been accused of being a traitor because he has been working for the humans. Napoleon takes over and wants to make the farm better. Falling Action Most of the animals that have worked on the farm have died but the farm is doing better with the animals still in control. Resolution The animals have forgiven what the humans have done to them. The animals become better friends with the humans. The humans treat the animals fairly when the humans own the farm again. Summary The animals do not like how the humans mistreat them. So, the animals take over the farm. Snowball is the leader, but they find out he has been working for the humans. Napoleon takes over and makes the farm better. The animals forgive the humans and the animals are friends with the humans again. By: George Orwell Farm Literary Elements simile- "... the animals worked like slaves" personification- " the pigs could already read and write perfectly." 1930s
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