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First Nations of Canada

Du Hello

Simon Says

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of First Nations of Canada

Learning About the First Nations:

Woodlands By Shomar Ben and Numaan Food In the Woodlands culture, they relied heavaly on farming for food. Fish also played a factor in their
diets. Do you know why farming
was a big role in the Woodlands life? Because of the... Climate! Ontario Qubec New Brunswick Nova Scota and Prince Edward Island The mild climate and rich soil
made farming possibe. Shelter Due to the fact that the
farming was a source of food,
longhouses were often built. Longhouses that could hold
up to ten familys! Animal life Many fish were often found in the lakes
and rivers of the Woodlands territory. Plant Life Some trees consistied
of Yellow Birch, Pine,
and Maple trees. Traditional Ways
of Life The False Face Sociaty Were a group of healers
that use the spirit world
to cure people of injurys and illnesses
around the body. Clothing Often men and women
wore clothes made from
pelts of moose, beaver,
and the ocasinal black squirrel pelt!

Many types of boats
were often used to fish.
But other than that,
they often walked on foot. Transportation Did You Know That...? Lacross was originated in the Woodlands culture. Men and women often rubed sunflower oil
into their hair and wore many uniqe hair styles. For hunting larger animals they used bows, arrows, and lances, and for smaller animals they used traps, nets, and hunting knifes. Thank You For watching our Prezitation.
We hope that you enjoyed it. Do you have any questions? Dinosaur! Du Thank you once again! ^_^ Fire bomb says hi Why you look @ me? Why you look@ me? And don't forget the rabbit! . if you have good eye's you can see me but don't look inside of me or els you turn in to stone. du hello du hello du hello hello
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