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Mardudjara tribe rite of passage


Cooper Law

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Mardudjara tribe rite of passage

What is it?
The Australian mardudjara Aborigines has a strange way of introducing a young male into manhood. This grueling process come in two steps, circumcision and sub-incision. The process happens when the boy is around 15 or 16. The tribe lives in the western part of Australia with a population of 1000.
Before the operation the boy is not allowed to speak or be spoken to for 8 weeks. Then after the wait he is presented with a several hour long chant that is supposed to relax the boy. Any women caught in the process are killed.
At the age of 15 or 16 the tribe elders lead him to a fire and lay him next to it. Other members surround the boy singing and dancing. Other members called the mourners, scream and cry as the circumcision is done. The lead elder in charge of the operation sits on the boy's chest facing his penis. He then pulls the foreskin and twists it so it can be cut off. Then two other members take turns cutting it with a knife. The boy bites on a boomerang as the operation takes place.
After that...
When the circumcision is complete, the boy then proceeds to kneel on a shield that is placed on the fire so the smoke can me up and purify his wound. While he is sitting there the tribal elders tell him to open his mouth and without chewing, swallow some 'good meat' this is actually his removed foreskin. When he swallowed his own foreskin the members tell him he has eating 'his own boy' and it will grow inside him to make him strong
Mardudjara tribe rite of passage
How do I feel?
I honestly think that this is not my type of ritual "I hate all of them." Just reading this makes me feel uncomfortable and i am happy this does not happen anymore. We wouldn't need anymore rites of passage as we can just learn to grow up.
thanks for watching!
(or reading)
(or just ignoring the whole presentation)
A few months after the circumcision the elders take him again, to a fire. The other tribe members sing and cry as this takes place for the boy. An elder then sits on his chest and grabs his penis, he then inserts a small wooden rod into his urethra and the operator uses a knife and creates a slit under the head of the penis. After this he stands over a fire and lets his blood drip in it. From now on the boy has to squat when he urinates. The rite of passage is now complete.
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