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Patterson (site visit)

Jim & Monty - 8/28/2012

Lindsay Brunner

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Patterson (site visit)

Our best, for your brightest
Carol Halley
Bridgett Feuerhelm
Jackie Hahn
Jim Hollenbeck
Robin Holmberg
Peter Meyers
Kristy Marconett
Monty White
Account Management
Home Sale Options
RiskGuard Riskless Guaranteed Fixed Cost Home Sale Program
Lump Sum Solutions
The LSX Lump Sum Products

Lump Sum
increases the lump sum amount to transferee through real estate cash back and discounts at no added cost
helps transferee navigate through a relocation
allows for one-stop comparison shopping so transferee can find what they need more quickly

Lump Sum
provides 8 hours of professional relocation counseling throughout the move
helps transferee navigate through a relocation
allows for one-stop comparison shopping so transferee can find what they need more quickly
Client Finance
Supply Chain
Illuminating Results
Recognized for performance
Industry-leading global supplier management tools
Tenured professionals
Consultative attitude toward client satisfaction
Client Connection
Authorize, manage, monitor, store, update, report

Plan, manage, monitor, learn, communicate
Move brighter. Move better.
SIRVA partners with clients to determine the best gross up methodology to administer
Client provides contact information for ADP/in house representative
SIRVA provides ADP with ‘AIS Specifications’ that are currently being used by other SIRVA clients
ADP and SIRVA review and approve the ‘AIS Specifications’
ADP and SIRVA build custom feeds and define path of submission (FTP secure site)
Testing with ADP and SIRVA
ADP and SIRVA approve test results
Set-Up Process
On-going Process
SIRVA places approved Request for Earnings file on secure FTP site
ADP loads into payroll system
ADP places results onto FTP site
SIRVA loads to our internal system
SIRVA processes and audits Gross Up File
SIRVA places Gross Up File onto FTP site
ADP loads into payroll system
ADP generates results report
SIRVA audits for accuracy
What matters most to you, matters most to us.
Stability in a world of volatility
Agile & responsive supply chain
Spotlight on Value
No cost new home loan
Cost is covered in BVX fee
No reimbursement to transferee
No direct bill from lender
No gross-up required
Average savings per transferee = $2,800
Stability in a world of volatility
Interim survey
Final survey
Response rate: 74%
Results: 97.4% transferee satisfaction
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