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No description

Brittany Fensler

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of FenQuish

FenQuish Vision
FenQuish Vision
We are so good.. "You won't believe your eyes!"
Just ask yourself...
Have you ever bought a contact lens?

Contact lenses are safe and beneficial to the human eye, but they can cause infections like Keratitis, an infection of the cornea. Keratitis can have multiple causes, including herpes, bacteria, fungus and microbes. In severe cases, it can lead to corneal scarring that impairs vision, and may lead to the need for a cornea transplant.
Steal a pair of glasses from a librarian
Undergo painful and costly lasik eye surgery
Use the No Contact Contact Applier
Nathan Jaquish
"You Wont believe your eyes!"

Here at FenQuish Vision we focus on the bettering of the human eye. Our products not only simplify the lives of the people, but prevent from further diseases.
Have you ever lost a contact lens?
Have you ever gotten an eye infection because of your contacts?
Do you hate touching your eyes?
Do you get makeup, eyelashes, or dirt under your contact when applying it to your eye?
Contaminated Contact Lenses
So true....
MMendez 2
So who's ready to ....
No Contact
Contact Applier
No Contact Contact Applier

Getting in Contact with...
Billy Mays!!
Britainknee Fencelure
Brittany Fensler

Nathan JockQuiche
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