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No description

Vianna Hopkins

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Fisheries

The problem with fisheries is that the demand
for fish is getting larger and the fish population can't keep up with the demands of fish because they need time to breed so there will soon be no fish in the ocean. Since the fishing companies also need to keep up with the demands for fish, which in some cases cannot be handled correctly their immediate reaction is to upgrade their strategies to make it more unsustainable and less efficient for the environment. Soon in the near future if the demand for fish gets greater everywhere fish will disappear.
Vianna Hopkins
Central Idea
People's choices impact the sustainability of
the earth's resources.
A Fisheries youtube video!!
What is the issue with
What is a natural resource?
A natural resource is a stock of materials
that are supplied by nature used to earn
money, food, and many more. Some of
the many materials are coal, lumber, oil,
fish, water, natural gas, and that's
just some natural resources. Since these are
NATURAL resources they take time to
breed, grow, and form so we have to use
them carefully but most of the time
we use natural resources selfishly without a thought about what will happen in the
future and that's a big problem
Why is the importance of this
resource connected to our lives?
My explanation to this unit's central idea is if some person were to eat less fish, buy eco-friendly pencils, use a re-usable water bottle and use the simple guide line
Buy less
Buy Local
What is our responsibility to sustain natural resources?
Our responsibilities are to Stop, Think, Act, and Reflect
about what we want to buy and invest in. Before you buy something look where it is made and if it is eco-friendly
also our responsibilities are to raise awareness about
resources at stake and do your part to the earth.
Most of you have been to these places
Bali, Phuket, Lombok, and Malaysia right?
.Places like that make a lot of money from
tourist attractions that include of diving and snorkkeling, but when these fish dissapear we will not have out beautiful paradise anymore because all there's going to in the sea are dead coral and dirty water. This also causes problems to the people that make money off tourist attractions because they will not have any money.
Having no fish also will also cause health problems because we will have no fish oil which
Better Brain Function
Protection from Stroke and Heart Attack
Helps prevent Cancer
Lastly, we'll have no tasty delicious fish to munch on
Save me from
Title: Biomes Ocean
Author: John Woodwork
Publisher: Chrysalis
Children books
Place Published: Hong Kong
Date Published: 2003
Title: Healthy Seas
Author: Carol Inskipp
Published: Evans Brother
Place Published: London
Date Published: 2006
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