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t-mobile gravity

No description

liam marshall

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of t-mobile gravity

T-mobile Gravity Math work Questions pictures of product Most challenging part of project The most challenging part of this project for me was putting the package together it was difficult because I had to restart the package. It was also difficult because the package kept falling apart and it was hard to keep it together. What factors would the manufacturer consider in deciding the shape of the package?

The factors that the manufacturer would have to consider would be the size of the packaqe because they wouldnt want to buy a package for their product and then find out later that the product is either too big or too small. The manufacturer would also consider the shape of the package because they wouldnt want a rectangular package that cant hold a product shaped like a cylinder. Another factor the manufacturer would consider would be the weight of the product because they wouldnt want a product that is heavy enough to rip through the bottom of the package. Nets What it is/what it holds The shape of my package is a rectangular prism.

The package is designed to hold my cell phone Which net did I choose? I chose net #1 because it would be easier to put my phone in and also because since my product is rectangular, it wont roll around in the package
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