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Chapter 6: Description

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 12 September 2018

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Transcript of Chapter 6: Description

Gross-Out Contest!
Describe the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen
The more sensory details, the better!
Sight, taste, touch, smell, sound

Aim for the dominant impression!

Impression / Feeling



Use comparisons
EX: My mom laughed. (tell)
EX: My mom threw her head back and laughed like a horse. (show)

Description Trick
Good: My Bichon is the size of a toaster with fluffy white hair—she kind of looks like a giant waddling cotton ball.
For Example…
Show, Don’t Tell

EX: Grandma’s Thanksgiving Table (pg 80). Objective or Subjective? Dom Im?
Two Types of Description

After today you’ll be able to…
Use words and sensory details to recreate a picture of a person, place, thing, or idea
Gross out the class
being to i.d. subjects

The Takeaway
Hand out assignment sheet
Show V. Tell Worksheet
What can we add to our Balloon of Abilities WS?
And Now…


Show: The classroom was so hot even the walls, which were usually a bright summer green, seemed to be a wilting puke color. The air was so thick it felt like someone was pushing on my chest every time I breathed, and the smell of old carpet dust hung heavy in our noses. Lisa took off her usual punk rock hoodie and slumped back in her gray swivel chair, sweat dripping down her pale arms like rain on a windowpane.
Description is a word picture of our observations of:

Why Description?


Chapter 6
objective vs. subjective
is factual and indisputable
The eighteen-year-old boy was 6’1” and weighed 155 pounds
is about impressions
The young boy was as tall and scrawny as a birch tree in winter
The key is
Specific, distinguishing details for clarity
Avoid generalities
Poor: My dog is small and fluffy.
Which one was more interesting? Sensory details used?

Helps reader visualize/feel
To better understand something
develop our observation skills
From Craigslist:
6 piece outdoor furniture set. 1 Bench, 2 chairs, 2 end tables, 1 coffee table.
The more covered the better the description (supporting details)
EX: Grandma’s Thanksgiving Table (pg 80)
What senses did he/she use?
Descriptions are written pictures of what (4 things)?
Two kinds?
____ don't ____
Why use comparisons?
comparisons in Thanksgiving Table?
Active/Greedy Reading Strats?
7 Stages of the Writing Process?
Tell: The room was too hot.
"Ah, I see what you mean"
Dominant Impression?
what is the dominant impression?
Reading Plus
Core of a sentence?
Parts of a Paragraph?
parts of a TS?
Topic Sentence
topic: thing describing
assertion: dominant impression
6.1 on page 81
pick one!
Thanksgiving Table?
Take a break!
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