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" The Seven Ages of Man"

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see yah

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of " The Seven Ages of Man"

" The Seven Ages of Man"
This poem is a story about the life of a man in seven stages. The author writes about each stage and states examples of how it affected his life. The man goes through many trials in manhood. Starting from infancy and ending with death.
Figurative Language
Line 1-15
Metaphor- And all the men and women merely players( Line 1)
Simile- Crawling like a snail (Line 9)
Alliteration- They have their exits and their finishes (Line 3)

Figurative Language Con't
Metaphor- Compares last scene of the poem to death
Repetition- Sans is repeated in the last line
Personification- The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippery Pantaloon
Hyperbole- Even in a cannon's mouth
Alliteration- Shrunk Shank
The Seven Stages
Infancy (helpless baby)
School Boy ( Not wanting to go to school
Lover (Player)
Solider (Wanting honor)
Adult Hood ( Justice, trying to go down the right path)
Middle Age( second child)
Old Age ( losing things, becoming with things)
Donovan, Hannah, Jayla, Mohammad, Tucker
The End!!!
Unraveling the Story
First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage
Forth Stage
Fifth Stage
Sixth Stage
Seventh Stage
Eighth Stage
The rhyme scheme is free verse.
Rhyme Scheme
The End
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