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A Monsters Lesson 18 Monstrous Behavior Justified or Not

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Patsy Viney

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of A Monsters Lesson 18 Monstrous Behavior Justified or Not

Universal Question Are life circumstances justification for monstrous or inappropriate behavior of man? "Beowulf":Was Beowulf justified or not in killing Grendel? Yes, Beowulf was justified in killing Grendel because he was "the strongest of men alive in that day, mighty and noble." The creature Grendel was killing men in the Herot hall for 12 years, and King Hrothgar was suffering from all of this because his men were being slaughtered. So Beowulf came because he knew he was the only one who could defeat Grendel, and he knew he must because King Hrothgar and Beowulf's father go back. "Gawain and the Green Knight": Would you consider the actions of Gawain to be inappropriate or were thy justified? I would consider the actions of Gawain to be inappropriate because he was being noble when he accepted the challenge from the Green Knight, instead of having King Arthur do it, but when he was at Lord Bertilak's castle, his actions were inappropriate. He and Lady Bertilak conversed and she would sneak into his room and they would kiss, while the Lord was out hunting. And Gawains excuse for kissing his wife when confronted by the Green Knight was "beguiled by women whom they had to do with." But it was then noble of him to wear the green girdle because of his unchivalric actions. The green girdle though was not spoken of to Lord Bertilak when Gawain got it from the Lady, so that was inappropriate as well. "Barbara Allen": Would you consider Barbara Allen's treatment of Jemmy Grove to be cruel or not? Yes, I would consider it to be cruel because Jemmy Grove loves Barbara Allen, with all his heart, but she doesn't care for him. And when he's dieing, he comes to her and all she has to say is, "So slowly, slowly, she came up, And slowly she came nye him; And all she sayd, when there she came,Yong man, I think y'are dying." And when he dies, he tells everyone to be kind still to Barbara Allen. What also shows she is cruel is when she says, "And slowly, slowly raise she up, And slowly, slowly left him, And sighing said she could not stay, Since death of life had reft him."This means that when he died, she didn't feel any remorse. Your world today: Are there any circumstances in today's world where you feel monstrous behavior would be appropriate or justified? No, because even if it were appropriate to 99% of people, it would still leave 1% believing it isn't which would make behavior monstrous. Plus, there is never any excuse or justification for nasty and monstrous behavior. 'Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." -Mahatma Gandhi. This quote shows that even if you are a small minority that thinks something is monstrous, it's still the truth that it is, no matter how many people disagree.
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