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Intro. to Unit 3: Research, Annotated Bib, Topic Proposal

Argument Basics & Topic Guidelines

Prof Johnson

on 22 October 2018

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Transcript of Intro. to Unit 3: Research, Annotated Bib, Topic Proposal



Introduction to Unit 3

What Is An Argument? The Basics

Choosing A Research Topic
*The Basics*
What is an argument?
The best definition of "argument" I've found comes from the 1970s comedy group Monty Python:

A good argument is
“a collective series of statements
to establish a definite proposition."

How Do We Begin?
Eliminate Distracting Shifts:
- Exercise 13-1, pgs. 105-104
- Exercise 13-2, pgs. 106-107
- Exercise 13-3, pg. 109

Introduction to Unit 3
Class Portal >
Unit 3 Assignment Sheet

Let's read this together.
Don't forget to look for errors!
Like this:
First, we discuss "what" an argument is to better understand the kind of topic you should choose to research.

Next, consider what you like to think about and ASK QUESTIONS.

Finally, choose your argumentative topic. It's that easy!
Uses appropriate and respectful language to welcome readers or listeners to consider a particular position about a particular topic;

Understands opposing viewpoints about a particular topic and fairly addresses counterarguments;

Is honest, knowledgeable, and reveals truth(s) about a particular topic.
What a good argument
is NOT
A good argument is NOT...
A set of contradictions (Yes you did – No I didn’t – Yes you did…)
It is not a “fight” or “rant”

Results of bad arguments...
People quit listening
Keep these things in mind as you choose your topic, which is HOMEWORK.
Class Portal >
Argumentative Topic
Unit 3

Open Notes Pop Quiz
"Analyzing Arguments"
Not All Arguments Are Created Equal
Causation Arguments
This kind of argument moves beyond the obvious to examine complex underlying causes and connections.
Why do companies stock prices rise when they announce layoffs?

Evaluation Arguments
This kind of argument relies on selecting criteria and supporting a claim with reasons and evidence.
Your Unit 2 essay -- a "rhetorical analysis"

Position Arguments
This kind of argument aims to change readers' attitudes and beliefs.
Cesar Chavez spent his life making position arguments on behalf of farmers. "They deserve equal rights because..."

Proposal Arguments
This kind of argument aims to convince others to take action for change.
Recycle! Marijuana should be / not be legalized!
Likely, you won't know what "kind" of argument you are making until you are... well... making it!
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Location: The Coffee Lab
Computers off, phones away, notes out.

It's time to take a quiz concerning today's reading.
Also, if you haven't done so already, please turn in your
Unit 2 peer reviews.
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