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Cresthaven Bill of Rights

By Rylie Wehner and Emma Markovich

stephanie saban

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Cresthaven Bill of Rights

The Mission of
Cresthaven Elementary
Our students and staff have the right to celebrate!!!

Cresthaven's Vision
To prepare our students for college and career in a competitive 21st century global economy by providing the foundation that includes rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills.
In order for students and staff to reach their full potential, the mission of Cresthaven Elementary is to provide research based differentiated instruction aligned to state standards to address the needs of all learners in a safe, educational environment supported by technology, real-life applications and targeted professional development.
Cresthaven has been an "A" rated school for
10 Consecutive Years!!!
1st Amendment
Our theme for this year
The Preamble...
Cresthaven's Mission and Vision
Our Students' Bill of Rights
Welcome to Our New Staff Members!!!
Daisy Anderson- Media Clerk
Marcie Forgue- 2nd Grade
Andrea Furgal- 3rd Grade
Melissa Lerner- 3rd Grade
And our Student Teachers:
Majorie Dougherty
Brittany Tessier
2nd Amendment
Students have the right
to a full day of instruction
3rd Amendment
Students have the right to an integrated curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards
4th Amendment
Students have the right
to work collaboratively
Amendment 7
Students have the right to a positive classroom environment
Welcome to the 2013-14
School Year
Amendment 8
Students have the right to high quality instruction.
Amendment 5
Students have the right to curriculum tailored to meet their needs.
Amendment 6
Students have the right to learn
in a 21st Century classroom
9th Amendment
Students have a right to
Amendment 10
Students have a right to
fun and exercise:)
2013-14 will be the BEST EVER!-
Schedule for the week
Class Lists- in your box
after lunch
10 minute break:0) then operations:)
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