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Copy of Fall of Rome DBQ

What were the primary reasons for the fall of Rome?

Steven Seto

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fall of Rome DBQ

Why Did The Roman Empire Fall? From about 50 BCE until the year 200 CE, the Roman Empire was the superpower of the Mediterranean World. During that time, the empire's wealth, territory and international status grew and grew. But even as the empire prospered, it was slowly starting to fall apart. Some of its problems were internal - coming from within Rome itself - and others were external. Your lists will vary, but you should give clear reasons for your choices. Most important is to explain why one problem trumps another. For example, why is the development of a couch-potato culture more of a problem than Islamic Fundamentalism? You might argue that most Muslims are not fundamentalist and that violence will wear itself out, just as it did in the American civil-rights movement. However, couch-potato culture suggests a deep cultural laziness that makes America unready to deal with any problem. Democracy depends on active, thinking people, not potatoes. The biggest threat to America lies within, not without. The following document includes a short list of eight troubles facing the United States in the 21st Century. With your group, identify the three troubles that you believe are most capable of causing America's decline. Be prepared to share your thinking with the class. Record your answers on your paper. Your group has 3 minutes. Historians commonly compare the United States to the Rome Empire in an attempt learn from their past so we may avoid a similar fate. In their comparisons, they have noted that many similarities exist between the troubles that caused Rome to fall and the troubles facing the United States today. In order to answer the need to know "how has America changed since 9/11 and what does it means for our future," we must examine the connections between Rome & US. Share Out To begin your comparison of Rome:
Review the timeline on the second page.
Review the vocabulary in bold.
Read the background essay as a group and answer the 5 questions individually on your paper. Understanding the Question You will be working collaboratively with your group but you will need a few pieces of paper to record all of your answers individually for a grade. (38 questions total.) Before going any further, practice pre-writing by analyzing the question. Record your answers to the following 3 questions on your paper and copy the bucket diagram to help you organize the categories. Analyzing the documents Now that you have analyzed the question you are prepared to begin collecting evidence by analyzing the following documents. Read and analyze each document with your group and individually record your answers to the questions posed on your paper. Examine the "Document Analysis" to help you analyze each document. It's time to write Use the following documents to help you plan and outline your essay. Be ready to share out your groups bucket catagories with the class. You have 3 minutes. Use your outline, your buckets, and the example essays provided to craft your research into an essay that answers the question: What were the primary reasons for the "Fall" of Rome? Share out.
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