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Bone Cancer

No description

Jacob Waldroup

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Bone Cancer

Many bones start out as cartilage and later get a layer of calcium to cover it making bone. But bone it's self is still very strong it can support up to 12000 pounds per square inch. Now your toughest and largest bone the femur takes 1200 to 1800 pounds of pressure to break.
Stages of bone cancer
Stage one- All are low grade tumors that haven't spread outside of the bone
Stage two- high grade tumors but haven't spread outside the bone
Stage three- haven't spread outside of the bone but are in multiple places
Stage four-Tumors are outside of the bone and can be any grade
Bone cancer
Most of the time when they have bone cancer they cancer spreads from the original source to the bones this is called metastatic cancer. But the primary or the type of cancer that starts in the bones is called sarcomas.
Treatments for bone cancer can be
surgery where they try and remove all the cancer cells
Radiation Where they use high energy rays or particules to kill cancer cells
Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill the cells
Other Techniques
They also do physical examinations, blood tests, and tissue and cell samples under a microscope.
During this process the use many different techniques and machinery like x-rays,ct-scans,MRIs,radionuclide bone scans, PET scans, and biopsys
Pain in the effected bone
Swelling in the area of the pain
Fractures of the effected bone
Weight loss
fever or sweating
Bones and cancer
Signs And Symptoms
Bone Cancer
Risk factors
some risk factors are
genetic disorders
paget disease
bone marrow transplant
side effects of treatment
The common side effects for
treatment are
loss of appetite
skin changes
low blood count
nausea, vomitting,diarrhea
survival rate
The survival rate of bone cancer
in general is 70% chance. However
the most common type of bone cancer which is chondrosacroma
it's survival rate is 80%


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