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Kaitlynn Gould

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Vegetarianism

egetarian: The Green Side of Life Environmental Reasons Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas Livestock is responsible for 19% of all methane in the atmosphere Farm animals responsible for 18% of global warming, while automobiles are responsible for 13% On average it take 33 million vehicles to produce the same level of global warming as is caused by the methane gas emitted by livestock and their manure Water Loss & Pollution Global Warming Half of all irrigation water is used to raise livestock 14 trillion gallons are used to grow food to feed livestock 1 trillion are used directly by livestock Animal feces leaking into streams and rivers disrupting and killing marine life Fertilizer and feces soaked up by soil entering into groundwater which is not a renewable resource Soil Destruction Fertilizers, pesticides, and water causes soil to erode no longer suitable for agriculture 75% of all US top soil has been lost to date 1,000 species disappear due to the destruction of tropical rainforests for cattle grazing Causes of Deforestation Cruelty Ethical Reasons Cattle and chickens will never see their young Cows are constantly being artificially inseminated to produce milk Cows aren't fed regular diet causes complications such as: ulcers, bloating, liver abscesses, and hoof infections Pigs have their tales ripped off, chickens have their beaks and claws cut off so they cannot harm another chicken; all practices are done without anesthesia Injection with antibiotics and hormones Not treated or handled properly results in diseases like mad cow and bird disease & salmonella and E.coli bacteria Birds are not protected by the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act for Livestock Health Benefits Appearance benefits Average BMI 5 points lower than a meat-eater, able to maintain a more constant body weight Celery can whiten teeth, beans give excellent protein to promote healthy hair growth, walnuts can harder fingernails, and squash can your skin a youthful glow Better Overall Health Chronic diseases and illnesses decreased, reversed and/or avoided by a vegetarian diet Vegetarians have lower blood pressure & vegans have the lowest
Type 2 diabetes can be treated on a low-fat, high-fiber vegan diet
50% less than recommended intake of fiber in non-vegetarian diets
Hypertension & diabetes is twice as common in non-vegetarians
24% lower rate of fatal heart attacks in vegetarians
28% lower death rate from heart disease
45% lower death rate from strokes
Prostate cancer is 54% and colon cancer is 88% more common in non-vegetarians
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