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Improved Reading History

Second Try!

Larissa Pahomov

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Improved Reading History

My reading History.
Personal History Scene #1:

I come from an extremely text-rich environment. In the house where I grew up, one of the three bedrooms had been converted into a study with a wall of bookshelves.
We went to the library or the bookstore whenever I wanted. We subscribed to three newspapers and a number of magazines and journals. Reading was a very natural, integrated activity at my house. Eventually I realized it was this immersion that gave me an edge in English classes at school.
At the time, though, it seemed like nothing extraordinary. I started reading The New Yorker for the cartoons when I was a kid--not because somebody told me it was a cultured thing to do, but simply because it was sitting on the coffee table.
116th Street, Harlem, 1915
The street was a major thoroughfare
for business in the neighborhood.
Annotation #1
What I learned:
Map out your big pieces first, then build text around them
Use a combination of bracket, shape, and invisible frames
Use high-resolution images, so they don't get grainy when you zoom in
Don't rotate frames too much -- they will make your viewer dizzy!
blah blah blah
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