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GENDER AND MASCULINITY: Inside and Outside the Media

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kiora hussain

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of GENDER AND MASCULINITY: Inside and Outside the Media

How Hollywood heroes define masculinity in American Society
"What do all music videos have to have? Girls, Girls, Girls and money."
There is a time in a boy’s life when the sweetness is pounded out of him; and tenderness, and the ability to show what he feels, is gone.
Music Video
Film Industry
The role of masculinity has been heavily influenced by Hollywood. It began from the classic tales of Western movies and heroic films about war. Now these films have developed into blockbusters and have given the men of America the prototype of what the ideal male figure should be. The silver screen has defined masculinity as one who embodies toughness and courage. Iconic actors that represent these characteristics include: John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington.
Music videos illustrate traditional masculine ideologies of sexuality while objectifying women and using them strictly for physically sexual purposes. There are hundreds of music videos that promote and give off the wrong interpretation of how men should act. One example is rap artist Nelly in his music video "Tip Drill." This video is based on man power and women dancing provocatively, which is only a few of the horrible trends in music videos today. Music videos not only appear to illustrate everyday society, but also assist young people by communicating ideas of ideal behavior and the decision of a career path, as well as influencing males and females to take on distinct personality traits.
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
I. What is Masculinity?
A. Gender: one's own identity of being a man or woman

B. Sex: female or male identity based on physical genitalia

C. Masculinity: traditional qualities inherently associated with being a man, and in our culture being male

"What images of men will sell my product to men? Or women?
Advertisements gives a very narrow definition of what the ideal man is. So many commercials depict man as dominant, aggressive, and muscular, but all men do not possess all these traits and in result are considered “less than” a man. Research from doctors have suggest, that this new focus on fit and muscled male bodies is causing men the same anxiety and personal insecurity that women have felt for decades. Slowly, some advertisers are starting to show other traits that are typically “female traits,” such as gentle, caring, and sensitive.
GENDER AND MASCULINITY: Inside and Outside the Media
Males expect to be the head of the household. They want to be the breadwinners and the providers of the family. They expect to feel dominate and be the strong one in the relationship. Most men feel like doing things such as watching/playing sports, hunting, fishing, knowing about cars, working out comes with masculinity. They also believe that having facial hair, body hair, a deep voice, and muscles are included in the "masculine look".

Male Expectations
III. How are these norms and expectations problematic?

Survey Results
Our survey illustrated stereotypical results mirroring masculinity yet progressive thinking as well.

percent of students believe a men should be the head of the household
percent thought homosexuals were still masculine
Qualities that a man should have:
When they hear the world masculine they think:
muscles & weights
What activities should a man participate in?
Jobs that are masculine:

Man vs. Man
Whether referred to as “Bro, Man, Big Guy, Ace, Boss, Brosef, Chief, or Dude” it can be said that men despite, outward appearances, actually have high expectations for how other men should act, present themselves, and exist in general. How men interact varies among class, race, and sexual preference and through social construction and historical context. These variations playing a key role in behavior, morals, and communication within male relationships and friendships. However one key component stood out among all male studies…
Boys will be boys..
According to the article “The relationships among body image, masculinity, and sexual satisfaction in men” written by Samantha Daniel and Sara Bridges, men’s self esteem and confidence can be directly correlated to their sex life. The same goes for their view on other men. If it seems like a fellow male friend has an active sex life, this man appears more confident and tends to have healthier relationships among men. Men often reflect their behavior and emotions off of the other men they are surrounded by in their lifetimes, sometimes subconsciously conforming or rather adapting to their environment constantly confronting the issue of masculinity through class, race, and most importantly sex.

II. How are norms of masculinity defined in society?
A. Media
-news, TV shows, movies, commercials, music, etc.
B. Childhood/Adolescence
C. Family Values
*Media is a special point of focus because it is a manifestation of a culture's norms and expectations*
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