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Bork Curriculum night

No description

Chris Bork

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Bork Curriculum night

Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013
Entering 10th year at Wiesbrook
Taught at a Montessori School for six years
Teach at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development (Leapfrog and SEP)
Bachelors Degree from SXU
Masters from ONU
Homework is assigned on a nightly basis. Usually it will include Math, Spelling, Reading, and/or writing. Social Studies and Science will also be assigned on a nightly basis.
Literature Circles Benefits:
Help you teach-not merely check comprehension
Allows you to teach many facets of comprehension
Encourage students to learn from one another
Motivate students naturally
Promote discussion more effectively than whole groups
Social Studies
Political Systems
Social Systems
Homework Expectations
About Me...
The AMA 2012 Critical Skills Survey defined the skills as follows:

Critical thinking and problem solving - Including the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and take action as appropriate;

Effective communication - The ability to synthesize and transmit your ideas both in written and oral formats;

Collaboration and team building - The ability to work effectively with others, including those from diverse groups and with opposing points of view;

Creativity and innovation - The ability to see what’s NOT there and make something happen.

Class Schedule
Typical Schedule for One-Hour Session:

Student preparation: ONGOING The students prepare for literature circles by reading agreed-upon chapters and writing a pre-discussion entry in their journals OR filling out a role sheet.

Teacher Directions/Mini-lesson (5-10 minutes)

Small-Group Discussion (15-25 minutes)

Journal Writing/Small group consultation (5-10 minutes)
Individual or group projects
Life and Physical Sciences

Concepts, Principles, and processes of scientific inquiry
Year long session (Begins Sept. 3th, Ends April 25th)
Critical thinking
Cooperation and communication
Independent research
Saving and investing

Students use real internet research and news updates, making the simulation an even better mirror of the real marketplace. While the competitive gameplay creates student excitement, the educational experience delivers the biggest impact.
– Exerpt from stock market game website
I decided to try this concept after reading an article that stated children don't have the skills to understand budgets, supply and demand, etc.. Many studies have shown that children learn a lot by simulating real-life situations, therefore, this seemed like a great way to show children America in action.
Classroom Economy
80% 38%
Critical Thinking
73% 52%
Collaboration/Team Building
72% 47%
66% 37%
Night of the Twisters
James and the Giant Peach
Freedom Train
Honus and Me
Stone Fox
Regarding the Fountain
The Year of Miss Agnes
4th Grade Novels
Other Important Sites:
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