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Ch.5 L1: Systems

pages 52-55

Cathy Myers

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Ch.5 L1: Systems

Two Major Systems of Measurement:
Metric System
Customary System
Metric System Customary System
used by scientists worldwide

based on number 10
-> easy to calculate
-> don't have to memorize different units

uses same set of prefixes (milli, centi, etc.)
Metric Prefixes:
milli = 1/1000 (one thousandth)

centi = 1/100 (one hundredth)

deci = 1/10 (one tenth)

kilo = 1000 (one thousand of a particular unit

Pages 52-55
standard unit = an established quantity used for measure and comparison
used by U.S., Liberia, Myanmar

have to memorize different units

different units for everything (no prefixes
Measuring Length:
used for measuring how long matter is
basic metric unit = meter (m)
customary unit = yard (yd)
Tool Used for Measuring Length:
-> meter stick
-> ruler with cm & mm
-> yard stick
-> ruler w/ inches
Units of Length:
Metric Units Customary Units
10 mm = 1 cm
10 cm = 1 dm
10 dm = 1 m
100 cm = 1 m
1000 m = km
12 in = 1 ft
3 ft = 1 yd
36 in = 1 yd
5280 ft = 1 mile
1760 yd = 1 mile
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