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Derek Z

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of DOROTHY MUST DIE

Dorothy Must Die is the first book in a popular book series that generated many fan-made creations. The series is based off of L. Frank Baum's well-known story about a girl named Dorothy Gale who is sent to the magical world of Oz. There, she quickly befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion. The four of them travel to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard in hopes of getting the Scarecrow a brain, the Tin Woodman a heart, and the Lion courage. The Wicked Witch of the West tries to stop them, but they manage to defeat and kill her. The Wizard makes them all believe they got what they wanted and Dorothy manages to make her way back home. The story ends happily ever after.

In Danielle Paige's version of the story however, Dorothy doesn't stay home. She returns to Oz not long after and is almost instantly made a princess by Ozma, who was then the ruler of Oz. She gets a taste of the beautiful magic of Oz and is quickly addicted. Her addiction overcomes her and her desire for more of magic drives her to tyranny. What used to be the paradise of Oz became a magic-drained, lifeless dump full of no longer flying monkeys and enslaved munchkins.
Main Characters
Amy Gumm - As the protagonist of this story, Amy is trained by the Order of the Wicked to kill Dorothy and bring peace to Oz.
Dorothy - This antagonist addicted to magic runs Oz in her own horrific way, mistreating everyone, including her loyal "friends."
The Wizard - The amount of information on him is surprisingly little considering the fact that he is arguably the person who started the entire conflict. His intentions are unknown, but may prove to be a powerful ally or opponent.
Oz is slowly deteriorating as the magic is drained from it like water from a well. The only difference is, a well is still a well after it is drained; Oz is nothing without magic - literally. Magic acts as a foundation of Oz. The foundation continues to slowly be chipped away as long as Dorothy rules. The only solution? KILL DOROTHY.
Rising Action
Amy Gumm is constantly made fun of at school, mostly for living in a trailer. She is an outsider who ends of having to take care of herself for most of her life because her mother stopped caring for her and started taking drugs and drinking alcohol. One day, a tornado sweeps through Kansas and somehow brings her to Oz.
Rising Action(cont.)
At Oz, she realizes that it is nothing like the Oz she knew from stories. After trying to free a trapped monkey, she is taken prisoner at the Emerald City. She manages to escape with the help of the Order of the Wicked. She is trained by them to assassinate Dorothy and disguises as a maid to infiltrate her palace.
One theme of Dorothy Must Die is that "good" and "bad" are not black and white. This means that there is no clear border between the two. One good action could be bad to someone else. As shown in the text below, the Wicked becomes good because they are trying to stop the Good, who are bad. The main reason this is so confusing to comprehend is because of lack of clarity between the true meaning of Good and Wicked.
Figurative Language Device
"When I looked closely, I saw that tiny blue dust particles were floating everywhere, like the wispy floating petals of a dandelion-except that they were glittering, giving everything a glowing, unreal feeling." (I don't know the page number because I read an ebook but somewhere in chapter 3)

In this quote, tiny blue dust particles were compared with floating petals of a dandelion. Blowing dandelions has often been symbolized as a way to make a wish (or to see how many babies you're going to have according to my friend Aislyn) in the same way as wishing upon a shooting star. The magic that makes wishes comes true exists in Oz, but this shows that Amy still doesn't fully comprehend the magic of the place.
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