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David R. Grey

No description

Natalie Mayer

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of David R. Grey

About David R. Grey
Name: David R. Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 50 Years Old
Height: 6ft., 1in.
Weight: 181 lbs.
Party Status: Moderate Republican
Education: Graduated Yale University with a Law Degree
Religion: Protestant
Family: He has a loving Wife, a daughter of 9 years, and a young son of 13 years.
Pet: Golden Retriever
Race: Mixed African-American
Background: includes his current occupation of Governor of Florida and is also a decorated USMC Veteran
Running Mate: Natalie Mayer (R-OH)
Platform 1: Immigration
11 mil undocumented immigrants
Maintain the policy of strong infrastructure and defensive technologies
Waive interview requirements for low-risk applicants for citizenship
Harsh criminal penalties for drug/weapon traffickers
Increased authority for homeland security and DEA on borders for drugs & human smugglers
Streamline Visa Processing
Platform 1: Immigration
Increase penalities for employers with undocumented workers.

Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated immigration reform would increase GDP by 3.3% in 10 years
Platform 2: Income Tax Revision
limit income tax
increases disposable income
utilize growing economy to increase citizen comfort & happiness
retain current tax breaks
end estate "death tax"
doubling child tax credit to $1000 and expand availablity
promote charity
foster capital investment and savings to boost low savings rate
Platform 1: Immigration
Reform Immigration Programs
David R. Grey
"STEM" green cards ("stapling" on degrees for employed)
desginate countries for "Visa Waiver" Program, allowing citizens to visit USA without VISA
increase cooperation between law enforcement and local communities
Defend borders from increased illegal passage, but protect those already working in country
Platform 2: Income Tax Revision
reduce the 5 tax brackets with 4 new ones
cut taxes to increase economic flowing
cutting taxes gives lower class families extra income
disposable income gives families more money to spend-increase public wealth
Platform 3: Foreign Policy
ISIS is a growing terrorist threat that needs to be contained
We will have a proactive military strategy to end the war before it starts
Increase involvement in the Middle East in order to maintain peace
ISIS is an evolving threat and will make several unpredictable actions
We must take different courses of action to better subdue the threat
Platform 3: Foreign Policy
Monitor the volatile relations in Ukraine
Russia could pose a massive threat if this war escalates
A firm political and economic stance of America's disapproval over Russia's actions must occur.
Our goal is to keep Russia on friendly terms and peacefully end this conflict
Electoral Strategy: Battle Ground States
Florida: Immigration reform will appeal to the population of Cuban-Americans, home-state loyalty, cooperation with AARP appeals to senior citizens

Michigan: AARP promises to sustain the policies in place for tax exemptions for retired people

Ohio: Current trends support moderate conservative stance on immigration as well as ISIS neutralization, Home-state loyalty for vice president

Colorado: Our moderate policies appeal to over 1 million unaffiliated voters and unite the divided Colorado GOP
Electoral Strategy: Battle Ground States
Wisconsin: Following 2013 conservative budget, additional income tax breaks will be welcome, allowance of immigrant work will boost agriculture

Georgia: Historically Conservative, shifting demgraphics promote minority aid, state legislature Republicans outnumber Democrats 2:1

North Carolina: Incumbent Rep. Governor enacted one of the most far-reaching conservative agendas, 22% African American

Virginia: High rates of undocumented workers, slow growth in economy could use tax break stimulus
Electoral Strategy: For Sure States
Electoral Strategy: No Chance States
Income Tax Revision Ad
In this section of the United States of America, the for sure, as well as, pretty good chance states will receive a moderate amount of attention so that our party, and candidate obtain an astonishing amount of support and voters in this 2014 election. Our main focus is, in these states to dominate the voting polls in a well-off fashion. We aren't fighting for votes as much, more-so, fighting to push more numbers of loyal voters to the polls come election day. We will do this by studying the states general issues and pushing the party's platforms, like re-storing the American Dream and reforming the Government to a more stable, progressive, caring Government we'd all be proud to live under, including ourselves here at the GOP.
As said prior to this, our focus on the 'For-Sure' and 'Pretty Good Chance' States is to push voters to vote, where-as here we are fighting for votes. We need the Republcians in these states to show-up come election day, like the example set come the mid-terms weeks ago. Also, running as a moderate and a 'willing-to-compromise' candidate, we are hoping and campigning on the fact that we mae presuade and even compromise on things of the Democratic ideals to secure votes form moderates and independents to further our success in obtaining office.
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