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Vietnam War

No description

Somengly Song

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam War

V ETNAM WAR "Vietnam was what we had instead of happy childhoods." - Michael Herr MILITARY AID VIET CONG A BOMBING WE GO NO SERVICE RIVALRY PEACE WITH HONOR SEARCH AND DESTROY KIA & MIA EVACUATE LAST MAN STANDING July 1950 The United States paid the French 15 million to help fight against Vietnam. 1960 Hanoi forms the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam. They are dubbed as "Viet Cong." The phrase comes from cong san Viet Nam, which means “Vietnamese communist". November 1, 1964 The Viet Cong mortar shells in Bien Hoa Air base near Saigon, killing 4 Americans leaving 76 injured. February 10, 1965 A Viet Cong placed bomb is set off in a hotel in Qui Nonh, killing 23 American servicemen. 1968 The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong joined forces and launched the Tet Offensive, attacking many civilians and cities of South Vietnam. January 1969 Richard M. Nixon takes office as the President of the United States. He promises to achieve “Peace with Honor” in regard to Vietnam. He aims to withdraw the half million U.S. troops in Vietnam, still allowing South Vietnam to survive. April 29, 1970 South Vietnamese troops attack into Cambodia. Two days later, a U.S. force of 30,000 mount a second attack. The operations taken place in Cambodia last for 60 days. They uncover North Vietnamese jungle supply depots, captured 28,500 weapons, as well as over 16 million rounds of armed ammunition, and 14 million pounds of rice. Most Viet Cong were able to escape, but 10,000 casualties were left over. March 1973 The last remaining American soldiers leave South Vietnam. Military advisors and Marines remain, protecting U.S. installations. For the U.S., the war was officially over. Having over 3 million Americans serve in the war, almost 58,000 have died, and over 1,000 are missing in action. At least 150,000 Americans are left severely wounded. April 29, 1975 The U.S. Marines and Air Force begin a massive airlift. Within 18 hours, over 1,000 American civilians and nearly 7,000 South Vietnamese refugees are evacuated out of Saigon. April 30, 1975 Two U.S. Marines are killed in a rocket attack at an airport in Saigon. They are the last Americans to die in the Vietnam War. The last Marines guarding the U.S. embassy lift off at dawn. Hours later, looters ransack the embassy. As North Vietnamese tanks role into Saigon, the war is ended. Within 20 years, nearly a million NVA and Viet Cong troops and a quarter of a million South Vietnamese soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians have died.
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