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A Creeper's Life

Ever wonder why minecraft creepers hate Steve? And why they are willing to sacrifice themself to destroy him? Well then, this is the prezi for you. This biography is centered around Bob,the creeper that started it all.

Joe Hexter

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of A Creeper's Life

A Creeper's Life This is Bob the creeping creepy creeper. He is going on
The Great Journey (The one where you blow up Steve). But first, he was a cute little baby. This is Bob's
story... Minecraft player Clumsy0015 screamed at sight
of 21 creepers on his computer screen.One charged toward him.He clicked at it furiously with his
mouse. He didn't want to die. He had just found
20 diamonds! But this map was pretty laggy.
First of all, his mod to change some creepers to
Endercreepers had failed. Then, a snow golem
attacked an iron golem and tried to save a
skeleton. And then, his iron sword had
flown out of his hand and hit a
creeper. He had decided to
delete the map
when he blew up. STEP ONE: BABY DAYS Once upon a time there was a egg. The egg was
a creeper egg. Then, one day, it hatched. It was named
Bob. First, he ate gunpowder.Then, he ate gunpowder.
But you will never guess what he did next... HE ATE GUNPOWDER!
But the most amazing thing about him was...was...hmmmm I forgot
... oh ....... I remember... HE ATE GUNPOWDER! Toddler Days Step 2: Toddler days
Bob Was a very explorative
creeper. When he was 3 months old he sneaked out of his den. That is where he met Steve. He went up and said,"Sssss sssss sssss!" (Hello there human) but got whacked in the face with a sword! He got very mad and he felt like he was going to explode! From then on he hated Steve. Step 3:Child Days
Bob found an odd
object and didn't know what
it was.He couldn't find much
out before he was rushed to the
hospital. His siblings and friends
discovered it was a trap set by Steve.
After that, whenever they saw Steve,
they hissed at him. Some were so angry,
they exploded! Step 4: Abducted days
When Bob was about 10 years old(5 in
human years) he was strolling through
the forest one night when he saw 6 strange, 3 block high
beings with purple eyes.He hid behind a nearby
leaf block to get a better look. He realized they
must be Endermen, the teleporting aliens from the planet the End. Suddenly,
the leader,who's name was Telk'Normorey, spotted him!
The aliens picked him up and loaded him into their ship.
for days, they conducted strange experiments on him and when they
were done he became the first Endercreeper. (Shown left)
The Endermen teleported Bob to the End, where they showed him
to their Mistress, the Enderdragon. Telk'Normorey boasted about
him,and The Mistress became mad. She shot fire balls at Telk and his squad.All but one teleported clear. The one who didn't instantly disentegrated. Telk and the others attacked the dragon. Bob ran for the ship and landed it on Minecraft. Although, it was more of a crash, for it is hard to fly without arms. Step 5:Days with Dr.Dan
Bob was no longer
a Minecraft creeper.
He was an Endercreeper.
A misfit.
An outcast.
Not a Creeper.
But a Weeper.
And was going to change it.
He needed a doctor.
He needed Dr.Dan.
Dr.Dan was skeletal doctor.
His assistant, the rogue snow golem
SnowPine, was a plastic surgeon.
Dr.Dan treated his wounds from
the ship wreck, while SnowPine changed
his skin to a regular creeper. One day when Bob was
about to leave the hospital, the ground started shaking. A wall suddenly
collapsed and an immense iron golem charged in shouting" SnowPine, this
is HeavyStep.Your under arrest!" Bob bolted past the golem as Dr.Dan pulled out a bow. The giant swung his arm and sent Dr.Dan flying and SnowPine dashed out the door. Step 7:Early adulthood
When Bob was done with
high school, he, along with
the other ex-members of the
junior Steve Hunters Club,
decided they would hunt
down Steve. Bob was made
leader and his friends, Track
and Susan were his trusted sidekicks.
They had many close shaves with Steve.
On a couple occasions, Steve destroyed
one of the creepers. But Bob almost was happy.
He would just gobble up the dropped gunpowder! Steve VS Bob's club SnowPine HeavyStep Telk's squad Bob as an
Endercreeper Baby Bob Step 8:Adulthood
One day, Bob and the
other members of the Steve
Hunters Club were strolling
through the forest. All of a
sudden, a sword was flung out
of the trees. It hit Susan smack in
the face. Bob attended Susan's
funeral. He said,"We are sssad
Sssusssan hasss died." 2 years later,
the club found a cave. Who should pop
out but Steve! Track ran for Steve, hissing... Step 9: Death and

"Ding Dong, Steve is dead!'' Shouted
Stitch. But so was Track. And Susan.
Bob felt very hollow. He decided
some gunpowder might do him some
good. He was just about to bite into
a pile of gunpowder when he froze.
He couldn't move then,he saw these words
floating in the sky: Are you sure you want
to delete this world? 'BooBooGhost' will be
lost forever! (A long time!) Uh-oh,Bob
thought. It was the last thing he ever thought
before he was deleted from existince that fateful
day, 7-18-12 . Step 6: Teenage Years
While Bob was in Spiders and Dungeons
Middle school he took these 6 classes: Dungeon
Building,(I don't have arms, so what!)Enderman Abduction,(Revenge!)Iron Golem Defense,( He won't get away with it next time)
Steve Traps,(It will be me) Minecraft History(Mother made me!)
Gunpowder Science(I hope the experiments involve sampling)
In High School he decided to take part of the junior Steve Hunters Club.
They would go searching for Steve.(However, the staff never expected
the club to find anything, and was shut down when they did.)
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