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Should I take music in High School?


Aidan Reckamp

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Should I take music in High School?

Should I take music in High School? Aidan Reckamp
What are my options
Take music
Don't take music
Take private lessons
Teach myself
Pros & Cons
If I take music, it will be a nice skill to have, but I might have to give up another hobby. If I don't take music, I will be missing something I enjoy, but I will have more time for other activities. If I study myself, I won't progress as fast, but I will still progress. And if I take lessons, i can still improve, but not as fast.
The information I need
How difficult is it?
What will I have to give up?
Will it get in the way of my other priorities
Should I continue doing music?
The Decision
I have decided to take lessons.
It will allow me to keep doing music, keep learning, and it won't take up too much time or academic space
Music (Guitar) is something that I enjoy, but should i continue to study it in high school?
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