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Ashes for the Wind - By Hernando Téllez

No description

Aliya Kazmi

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Ashes for the Wind - By Hernando Téllez

Ashes for the Wind - By Hernando Téllez
Juan Martinez: The protagonist of the story. He is a confident and stubborn character. He is a flat and static character
On to the Mandala!
........*sing song voice*

You better not be sleeping!
The POV Changed to 3rd Person Omniscient
This is a less fortunate town in Colombia
Key Passage
Vocabulary List
Pay Close Attention
.... You may just need to know the definition of these words at the end of the presentation!
Centavos was the currency of Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries
Rating of the Story
We rate the story a 5/5 simply because Hernando Tellez was able to capture the essence of struggle faced by anybody and everybody in any day and age. This is why so many read the book today and feel connected even though it was written over 50 years ago!
Point of View
The point of view in the story is limited omniscient 3rd person point of view, but as we progress in the story we see that the point of view changed to and omniscient 3rd person.
Short Story Evaluation Guide
Plot: The story is about a man named Juan Martinez that is getting evicted by the Government from his home because he voted for the opposing government.
The Climax occurs when Juan and his family refuse to leave their household. This ultimately leads to their death as their house is burned down.
This is How the Plot Diagram for Ashes for the Wind looks
Hint: Disconcerted - "The man was visibly
Hint: Rattled - "But he had been so
The story took place around the 1950's in Colombia....... That's where the Centavo's come in.....You better be listening!
Arevalo: He is a static and flat character. He does all the work the government doesn't. He is dedicated and a coward.
Police Officer: He is a cruel man. He is a flat character as we only see one side of him.
"The oil went drip-drip from the drum to the funnel and from the funnel to the bottle."
Discussion Questions
Discuss, Discuss, Discuss!
Why did the author in your opinion change the personality of he character Arevalo periodically throughout the story, how did his behavior change?
What is the theme of Ashes for the Wind? What are the symbols and what do they represent?
What if...Juan had decided to leave his property instead of staying?
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