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Weather Underground- The Weathermen

Understanding the 60s

Kana Ervin

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Weather Underground- The Weathermen

SDS SEX I conducted an Interview with Mr. Rudd Weather Underground By Kana Ervin New Left Activism "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" -Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues The Weather Underground Organization:
A branch from SDS Weathermen Underground (W.U.O.) University of Michigan, 1962 Arbor Ann, Michigan Port Huron Statement created
here,which outlined and
critiqued many policies
of the government. However, The tension continued to However, Tension began to Background First meeting of SDS Who were the Weathermen? American New Leftists
Radical Anti-War group Parented from SDS, Students for a Democratic Society Affected by The Days of Rage,
and Years of Violence "That '60s Feel..." SLID (Student League for Industrial Democracy)
SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) HISTORY OF SDS -What is SDS? +The Many Groups of SDS Radical Growth within
Rifts start becoming visible They came, they saw...they conquered? -Similar to other events in the '60s. The Hype and The Appeal Tragic Hero? Whom would YOU recruit for a violent revolution? Bernadine Dohrn Mark Rudd 2:00 Interesting Video: Personal Background

First Radical History

Police Record

Life after WUO -FBI's Most Wanted List
December 1973 Bill Ayers Personal Background -Mrs. Ayers? Life after WUO? Married Bernadine years Underground Greenwich Bombing Early Radicalism "Jessie James Gang" SDS- Times of Change: Escalations in coverage and feedback SDS shifts focus --> more violence Bombing Weather Underground Bernadine Dohrn Mark Rudd Bill Ayers You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows Direct Action! Declaration of War Students for a Democratic Society Vietnam must go Revolt Up Against a Wall, Motherfucker! Underground Days of Rage Youth Counter-Culture Filthy Pigs War Council Greenwich Overthrow Overcome! Headlines from the Weathermen: Haymarket Police Memorial bombing October 7, 1969 Before the Days of Rage, on October 7, 1969
Weatherman planted a bomb that blew up a statue in Chicago built to commemorate police casualties incurred in the 1886 Haymarket Riot. Rebuilt and unveiled on May 4, 1970
Blown up by the Weathermen a second time on October 6, 1970. -This time, Daley put a 24 Hour guard
to protect it. "Days of Rage" October 8-11, 1969 Advertised "Bring the War Home!"
Hoped for shock value, brought fewer numbers than expected.
But few numbers can still make a big ruckus. The Days of Rage cost Chicago and the state of Illinois approximately $183,000 -Nat'l Guard, personal medical bills, damage.
Most of the Weathermen and SDS leaders were now in jail, and the Weathermen would have to pay over $243,000 for their bail Flint War Council, December 26–31, 1969 More of a violent demonstration with some important decisions made than a convention. Two important decisions were made here VERY ! -Dissolution of SDS and NO -Decision to "Go Underground" 1. 2. (Not necessarily bombings) SDS Convention June, 1969 SLID- Student League for Industrial Democracy SLID Weathermen the youth branch of a socialist
educational organization Doesn't like the term "Industrial Democracy", repels students.
Too narrow minded. Foreshadows Weathermen's death?
LID's leadership did not correspond to the expectations and the mood on the campuses
SLID deemed it appropriate to sever itself from its parent organization. At SDS's height: 100,000.
SLID:700 http://blogs.ubc.ca/ross/2008/02/resisting-the-university-conference-at-ubc-march-3-7-2008/
Israel, Jared. "The Weathermen were Agents Provocateurs." Alex Constantine's
Anti-Facist Research 2 Nov. 2008: n. pag. Alex Constantine's Anti-Facist
Encyclopedia. Web. 21 May 2011.
Stewart, Andrew. "Weather Underground provies insight into 1960's radical
protest group." The John Hopkins News-Letter 19 Sept. 2003: n. pag. The
John Hopkins News-Letter - Arts. Web. 21 May 2011. </
l>. Works Cited Jabs made at the name of the Weathermen -SDS around the world -First splits in SDS show -Two position papers dispersed Klonsky's RYM paper
"Weathermen" named John Jacobs' call for Direct Action "Elections don't mean Shit" Call for a clandestine revolutionary group Bring the War Home! Cuba missions What're they up to now? http://berniereevesonline.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/mark-rudd-quadrilateral.jpg
http://www.nextleftnotes.org/NLN/photo-gallery/2009_03_26_rudd/2009_03_26_rudd.jpg Mark Rudd: Moved to new Mexico in hiding with Sue.
There, he became a mathematics teacher at Central New Mexico Community College (TVI)
Students were oblivious to his identity as a radical leader
His name faded away a bit, not as recognizable.
Sort of disliked the lack of recognition.
In 1990 he published a memoir called “Truth and Consequences: The Education of Mark Rudd”
The book was not a commercial success and has been criticized by other Weather Underground members as being too apologetic- contempories agreed with his remorse at the destruction of SDS.

-Interviewed in Sam Green's documentary "Weather Underground", explaining the origins and processes of the organization. Interview with Bill Ayers 26:19 New York City, Judge Murtagh arson attacks,
February 1970 February 21st, 1970 In retaliation of the conviction of "Panthers 21" Gasoline-filled cans smahed into his windows,
destroying his house. Greenwich village Townhouse bombing Underground Strategy Undergoes change after the loss of their friends Adopted WUO
title Lost members as it grew more concentrated in ideals Declaration of a State of War In retaliation to Fred Hampton's Murder by "The Pigs" Fred Hampton Followed by many other retaliations,
although carried out without civilian deaths
(Mark Rudd) Leader of the BPP Pentagon BOMBED May 19, 1972 -Ho Chi Minh's Bday In retaliation of Hanoi bombing -Ho Chi Minh's Bday May 19, 1972 Planted in the ladies' room Timothy Leary "We understand" Busted out of Jail CHARGES DROPPED: July 23, 1970, Detroit's jury indicted 13 Weathermen members on conspiracy to bomb and kill.
Ten of the thirteen already federal warrants How underground was "Underground"? -Mark RUdd Sue LeGrand- divorced shortly after emerging Then, charges were dropped in 1973 The End Thanks for watching :)
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