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How Facing our

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josie nagtegaal

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of How Facing our

How Facing our
Ignite Engagement
Lasting Change
Facing Reality
At the beginning of Flex Time ...
Strategies to Engage Staff
- Steering Committee
- Success Sharing - often
- Guiding Questions to spark conversation
Back up what you are doing with
outside sources
Lengthy articles may not be necessary, but teachers need to hear varied perspectives from multiple sources.
our Fears is a Catalyst for
Refocusing our GOALS!
People need to believe they have a voice; feedback needs effect change, not lie dormant
The Peace Wapiti Academy story...
“My role as a teacher has shifted from that of a lecturer and deliverer of information to that of a facilitator. Students are expected to become more independent and take their learning into their own hands.
This has allowed me the opportunity to focus more on helping individual students as opposed to seeing the students as one single entity with a specific method of learning.

I can also engage students more effectively because they are able to proceed at their own pace if they so wish. This increases student motivation and reduces behavior issues that would have been caused by boredom and lack of meaningful learning.
This method of teaching does require a different skill set which I am developing in myself. Managing students who are each proceeding at a different pace requires great organizational skills,

and dealing with students on a more individual basis requires a deeper understanding of the different methods by which students learn.”
“Some of the best PD we have had focused on round table discussions where teachers in small groups could “brainstorm” ideas on specific topics, and then it was shared to the whole group at the end”. PWA Teacher
[guided questions]
VALUE TEACHERS and their EXPERIENCES; they are on the FRONT LINES of CHANGE. The BEST solutions and INNOVATIONS are going to come from these EXPERIENCES

Build a culture within your staff that allows for opinions without judgment. Not everyone is going to buy in immediately. The one stipulation that a leader needs to address is that no matter your opinion on the change that is happening, each individual needs to make an effort NOT to stay where they were. High School Redesign is a spectrum; even the early adopters have to slide along this spectrum throughout the initiative. The end product of this venture is that there is no end product. The nature of 21st century learning and education is that it always changing; teachers and students are growing to become the best versions of adapters to this change that they can be.
Tools: "Quotes from Educational Sources"
"Images to Spark Discussion"
What fears are connected to each of the foundational principles?
What's the Shift??
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