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DHTM 1213 Farewell with Lecturers

2 and half years

Kate Chai

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of DHTM 1213 Farewell with Lecturers

The Story start from here WARRIORS and the MONSTERS Tmn Pertanian & Malacca Trips Fourth Warrior Mr.Syukri Miss.Adi - The Subject to help us get to know more about others country and also our country. Tourism Geographic Class Miss.B First Warrior Miss.Adi Second Warrior Miss. Farah Once Upon a Time
there's a batch of baby Monsters
which so blur with their edu path way
Then..... they'd choose to
Step into KBU for their edu
and they met
Five Warriors who going to save them Chef Ahmad Fifth Warrior Who are the 5 Warriors?
Baby Monsters From the day they save the monsters
they started to teach the monsters how to see
how to be brave
Even though
Those monsters are very naughty
but the warriors never give up on them Baby Monsters! Wahahahahahah..... Third Warrior Let's Look back.....
the time we had The Memories TTAM class Miss Adi - Subject that teached us how to organize a tour and managed tourists. HouseKeeping Miss.B - Thank you for teaching us how to be a good housewife and for the boys how to be a good husband..LOL Cooking Class Chef Ahmad - Thank you for teaching us how to cook...
thank you for teach us how to "CHOP" chicken..hahaha Housekeeping Next slide ( short clip of housekeeping ) Next slide Chef show us how to chop chicken.. muahahahahaha Kitchen show time Baby Shower for Miss.B Some Random Picsss...
that all the time we'd been together Bukit Gambang Lost World Of Tambun Purposely go find out where's place that the lecturers hiding Dang dang dang... We found them Lost World Of Tambun The Bad Chef throw us into the pool Lost World Of Tambun 123....pose.. smile...Chik chak.. Pose pose and pose...haha Lost World Of Tambun Let's Pose together Kuala Selangor See fire flies and Seafood Dinner.... Thanks Miss.Adi for bringing us there Miss.Adi Birthday Celebration Surprise Miss.Adi Birthday Celebration With Sexy Girlish Tai Last Day In Kitchen Fool Around with Chef Last Day in Kitchen Last Day of Kitchen Class Chef - Thank you for your patience all the time
even tough sometime we piss u off. haha Sekeping Serendah Last trip SeKeping serendah Sekeping Serendah You always see the " Conference " when exam is around the corner..LOL Mr.Syu Birthday Celebration Don't know how to count???? Model of the Year Second Model Words from DHTM 1213 When I started in KBU,
This day seemed so far away.

Now it's here and I can't believe,
That time has passed so quickly....

But through your guidance and encouragement,
I feel I'm ready for tomorrow's challenges

Lecturers play such an important part in
shaping and guiding....
Especially Lecturers like 5 of you.
Thank you for caring so much all the time Thank You

Good-Bye... Hi!!! Welcome Balloon World... LOL
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