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Copy of KBP Code of Ethics (Introduction to Report)

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Nikko Sterling

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of KBP Code of Ethics (Introduction to Report)

Aims & Purposes
How to achieve aims and purposes?
of KBP Code
of Ethics

KBP Code of Ethics
KBP Code of Ethics
What is the KBP?
The KBP is the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines), the foremost broadcast media organization in the country, composed of owners and operators of radio and television stations (Regular Members) and the radio and television stations themselves (Associate Members).

What are the aims and purposes
of the organization?
The KBP was organized to elevate professional and ethical standards in Philippine broadcasting, promote social responsibility in broadcasting, work for the advancement of the broadcast industry and protect the rights and interests of broadcasters, seminars and conferences.
How does the KBP
achieve these aims and purposes?
To achieve these aims and purposes, the KBP implements several programs and projects, such as enforcement of a code of conduct for broadcast stations, radio research projects, liaison with government agencies and other organizations, implementation of technical standards for broadcast stations, public service campaigns on radio and TV, awards for excellence, accreditation of announcers, and more.
KBP Code of Ethics
The MORAL and LEGAL STANDARDS which broadcast media practitioners in the country aim to reasonably, intelligently, realistically, purposely, and idealistically follow.
What is the importance
of the KBP Code of Ethics?
The code reflects the way of life and vision not only of the broadcast industry, but of the community it serves.

It serves as the mirror of the lives of both its practitioners and people in a way that it is where they run to for proper communication and guidance in execution of content.
Why should we know it by heart?
To realize what it actually really means to be a broadcaster.

To be reminded of our baring in our society, of our roles as the FOURTH ESTATE.

To fully understand that we have great power, and with it comes a GREATER RESPONSIBILITY.
Legends for Penalties
(L) - light offense

(S) - serious offense

(G) - grave offense

(A) - admonitory / provision is to be observed
Why should we know it by heart?
and Provisions

KBP Code of Ethics (Latest)

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