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"Girls to Girls" Fashion Show

A fashion show senior project benefitting the 10,000 Girls Organization in Senegal, West Africa.

katie robinson

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of "Girls to Girls" Fashion Show

Girls to Girls Fashion Show Project Proposal Obstacles Project Paper Connection What did I actually do? Event Details How did I do? Questions? Skills developed: By: Katie Robinson Although the South African Human Rights Law, located in their Constitution, declares that all humans have the right to an education, cultural influences have created an educational crisis for females which continues to impact their quality of life, furthers discrimination and leads to an abundance of sexual abuse. Marketing Skills
Leadership Skills
Public Speaking Skills
Time Management Skills
Direct/Manage an event Why? I heard the director of the 10,000 Girls Organization, Ms. Viola Vaughn, speak at the National Youth Gathering this past summer in New Orleans, Louisiana. She spoke of the many girls that have graduated from her school and how one person can make a difference. When: February 6, 2010 from 2-4 PM
Where: First Lutheran Church
Who: About 75 people attended and there were about 40 people involved in the fashion show Food
Fitting times/Work schedules
Senior Field Trip
Middle School Youth Lock-in Originally I had planned to host a fashion show and serve lunch. This plan was immediately scrapped when I received my unapproved senior project proposal. I switched to a light dessert that was easily made and unexpensive. Raised over $2,000 dollars for the 10,000 Girls Organization in Senegal, West Africa. Designed and sold t-shirts Created and served parfaits and red velvet cakes for dessert at the fashion show! Held various fitting dates at Target and Apricot Lane for the models to select and try-on clothing for the fashion show. http://10000girls.wordpress.com/featured/ Held an event that yielded about 75 people in attendance. What is the 10,000 Girls Organization? The 10,000 Girls Organization is a self sustaining organization run by Ms. Viola Vaughn that promotes education and careers for women and girls in rural Senegal. These girls each learn a skill that they can perfect over time and be able to sustain a living.
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