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Create a First Edition Hardcover

Claim your free NaNoWriMo First Edition hardcover.

Glenn Hunt

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Create a First Edition Hardcover

Once logged into your Lulu.com account, click
Create > Print book
. The Lulu book builder displays.

What is my book's title?
50K words is quite an accomplisment

Reward yourself with a
First Edition Hardcover
from Lulu.com

Get the coupon code from the NaNoWriMo Promotions page and follow these instructions to create a hardcover book worthy of the most coveted spot on your bookshelf.

Then log into Lulu.com.

Our book publishing wizard will help you design and create your hardcover book.

Choose this option for your free First Edition hardcover. You can change the book's availability settings later if you wish.
How do I want the world to know me?
Since this is a proof copy of your work, you may not want it to be released into the world until you have had a chance to review it.
Upload your manuscript
Helpful Hints
Set the page dimensions in your manuscript to the same size as the book format you choose.
You can upload single or multiple files in PDF, DOC(x), RTF, TXT, JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. Our converter will create a PDF, print-ready file that you can download and review.
If you upload multiple files, they will be assembled by the Lulu converter into a single print-ready file, in the same order in which they are listed in the
Project Files
Creating your print-ready file.....
If you uploaded your manuscript as a PDF file, you will not see the conversion page.

But you must make sure your PDF file is the correct size for the book format you selected, otherwise the file will be resized to fit the format, which could result in difficult to read text.
Following conversion, download and review your print-ready interior file. Your book will be printed using this file.

If you see something you would like to change before moving to the next step, you can return to the previous step, edit your manuscript file and reupload it. Make sure you remove the old file before uploading the new version.
If your print-ready file is acceptable, click
Save and Continue
to start the cover design step.
The title and author name you entered in the first step will be authomatically populated in this field. There is a 42 character limit, so you may want to abbreviate your title or author name to fit.
Click the
Add Images
button to select pictures or graphics to include on your dustjacket. Once images are uploaded, drag them into the image frames.
Use the buttons in the toolbar to change the dustjacket color, layout, and theme. Use the
button to edit spine text.
Click in any text field to open the text editor.
Create your dustcover jacket
When you have finished designing your cover click
Preview and Make Print-Ready Cover
to see the final layout.
You can edit or change the settings on this page by clicking the
button, which will return you to the appropriate step in the print book wizard. Once you have made the required edit, click the
Save and Continue
button to progress through the wizard to return to this page.
Set the price, then revew your book's title, cover, format, interior and cover files.
You can also change your availability setting at this step, but you may wish to wait until you have reviewed your proof copy before making your book available to the public.
Complete your project
From the
My Projects
page, click on the project title to view the Details page.
There are just few more steps.
Order your free First Edition Hardcover!
Click the
link next to your book's title to open your book's product page. This is how shoppers will see your book in the Lulu Bookstore.
Add to Cart
to order your free First Edition hardcover.
Enter the First Edition Hardcover coupon code and click

Continue to Checkout
to complete the order process.
Click the
button to enter information about your book such as its category, language, copyright license, and publisher name. You can also write a book description that will display on your book's product page. The description should be written to entice shoppers to purchase your book.
In other sections of the
page you can create a prevew, add a discount, and set or change your book's price.

Save your changes and click
Back to Projects
to return to the
My Projects
Professional Hardcover > US Trade, 6x9 inch, Black & White, Dust Jacket Hardcover
as your book format.

: For best results, your manuscript page dimensions should be set 6"x9" with at least half inch margins.

Unsure where to put your title page or what information to include in your copyright text? Download the template and style guide for your selected book size.
Select paper and binding options to personalize your book. Choose the
blue linen
binding with
gold spine text
if you wish to sell your book on sites other than the Lulu.com Bookstore.
Access and Distribution Options
The accessibility settings you choose here determine who can see your book in the Lulu.com bookstore.
Title and Author Fields
Use proper title punctuation. What is entered here must exactly match the title as it is displayed on your title page.

If your title includes a subtitle, enter both in the title field, separated by a colon (Title: Subtitle).

The author name should be entered as you wish it to appear on the book's cover. Include middle initials in the first name field (Alfred E.). Include professional credentials in the last name field (Newman, Ph.D.).
Helpful Tips:

You have now named your book and selected its format and binding.

You can save and exit your project at any time. To continue work on it, simply log back into your Lulu.com account, go to
My Projects
, and click on the project name.

In the next steps of the publishing wizard, you will upload your completed manuscript, create your book cover, and write a brief book description to capture the attention of potential readers.
The Fine Print:
The Free First Edition Hardcover coupon code is a single-use coupon and does not include shipping costs.
If everything is as you want it, click the
Save and Finish
button at the bottom of the page
Once again, congratulations on your accomplishment!

When your book arrives, take a moment to enjoy the exhiliration of holding a book you conceived, wrote, and printed. There's nothing like it.
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