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Phrasal Verbs

No description

Justyna Holdowska

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs
be after
- go after; chase
be against
- be opposed to
be about to
- intend to do something, or be close to doing something, very soon
He is about to kill him.
The police are after him again - I wonder what he did this time.
People are against to new rules.
Where is he?
He's away.
be back
- return; come back
I'm back!!!
be in
- be at home/in one's office etc
They're in living room and they're watching a film.
be in for
- be about to experience
We're afraid that we're in for a dark place without an exit.
be on
- be shown in cinemas, theatres etc
"The Simpsons"
is showed on Comedy Central everyday.
be over
be finished
The lesson is over. Time for break.

be up to
- be equal to; depend on
It's up to him to walk the dog.

break down
- (of machinery) stop working;
(of a person) lose control of feelings
HELP!!! My car broke down
He broke down after hearing the news of his cat's death.
break in
- to interrupt something;
to force entry into a place criminally;
I didn't mean to break in
on your discussion

He broke in and wanted to steal my money, but i caught him.
break into
- to enter some place forcibly
He broke into their house while they were gone and stole TV.
break off
- stop temporarily, end a relationship;
Me and my wife broke off our relationship.
break out
- begin suddenly (war, disease, fire etc); escape from a place
I'm breaking out !
break up
- separate; split up;
stop for holidays etc
be away
- be absent
I'm back!
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