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Philips Healthcare

No description

Hans Peter Bech

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of Philips Healthcare

The business model in the business model
Building Successful Partner Channels
Finding a common language
innovation isn't just about creating exciting objects that catch the imagination of our customers for one heady moment. Instead, it's about perfecting products, services and business models that
help our customers to take care of people and save lives, to live healthier and enjoy themselves, and to be part of a more sustainable world
Identify 5-10 measures that can improve partner performance
1. Introduction
2. Objectives
& Agenda
3. The 4 challenges
4. 3 Measures
5. Discussion
The Four Challenges
Aligning Mission & Objectives
Start with why
Simon Sinek
Share your plans
SoD, Roadmaps and release plans
Business model canvas
The Partner P&L
Business model environment
Getting a grip on the processes
Managing the Organisation
The Trap
Keep the Funnel Full
The Partner Program
The Measures
Do we share ambitions?
People are different
Revenue generation is a process
Which are most important in a Philips context?
Do we speak the same language?
Money makes the world go around
What does the future look like?
Do they have the skills?
Make them feel proud
Give them individual support
They are not all buying
It all starts here
Your toolbox
Two Tier Distribution
One Tier Distribution
Get a seat on the board
Strategy decisions
Start with why
Share plans
Get close to the top
Use the business model
Apply the P&L
Support the entire process
Provide coaching
Flexible toolbox
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