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Pyramid Principle Book Report

No description

Daniel Mata

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Pyramid Principle Book Report

Very Humble Book Report John Collins telephoned to say that he can't make the meeting at 3:00. Hal Johnson says he doesn't mind making it later, or even tomorrow, but not before 10:30, and Don Clifford's secretary says that Clifford wont return from Frankfurt until tomorro, late. The conference room is booked tomorrow, but free Thursday. Thursday at 11:00 looks to be a good tim. Is that OK for you? Could we reschedule today's meeting to Thursday at 11:00? This would be more convenient for Collins and Johnsons, and would also permit Clifford to be present Business Writing = Time wasting
Soul destroying Problem:
Using the writing process as a tool for the thinking process Thinking process Writing Process Solution: What matters is the order of ideas Recognize: Major Ideas Minor Ideas Relationship The need for logic Reader's ability to take in information a Pyramidal Structure http://www.dbai.tuwien.ac.at/staff/gatter/work/051104_The_Minto_Pyramid_Principle.pdf Barbara Minto, The Pyramid Principle, 2002 Dear Shirley,
Remember last Saturday afternoon when I was
playing in the park with my boyfriend and you
came over, and he told me that when my back
was turned, you kissed him?
And also, on Sunday when you came to my house
and my Mom made you a tuna fish salad for lunch
and you said: “Yech! That’s the worst salad I ever
And yesterday, when my cat brushed against your
leg, you kicked her and threatened to sic your dog
“Monster” on her?
Well, for all of these reasons, I hate you, and I no
longer want to be your friend.
Lucy Dear Shirley,
I HATE you. Here are my reasons:
1. You stole my boyfriend.
2. You insulted my mother.
3. You scared my cat. Dear Shirley,
I HATE you. Here are my reasons:
1. You stole my boyfriend.
2. You insulted my mother.
3. You scared my cat. Main statement or "governing thought" Supporting reasons Lucy hates me I stole her boyfriend I insulted her mother I scared her cat Q: Why did Lucy write this letter Oh because... But why? Well because: Daniel should stay in Budapest Has a place to live Budapest is a very safe city* Budapest is full with friendly people Inductive logic 1 Inductive logic 2 Daniel wants to live in Europe Because Daniel has a flat in Budapest it's the natural choice There are other awesome cities in Europe but he would need to rent Therefore if he wants to live in another european city he would need to find a job in that place Until he finds a job in another city,
Daniel has to stay in Budapest Chain of statements of the logical argument I am doing a book report presentation We need to learn how to write better BS communications I think this is a very good book about writing This was the condition to borrow the book Q: So why are we listening to this? Because... But why? Well because: Read it! by: Daniel Mata THE END
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