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Rescue Robots

No description

Norma Hernandez

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Rescue Robots

Rescue Robot What task does a rescue robot perform? What is a rescue robot's work envelope? Where is rescue robot used? They have some sensors that people control so they can perform their tasks. How is the rescue robot taught to perform its tasks? They usually help people that are stuck in mines or when they see people in danger. What impact does a rescue robot has? What types of jobs/careers can a rescue robot create to provide employment for people? They help people in need when they are in trouble. They are designed to be small and versatile carrying a comprehensive sensor payload in order to detect victims. More engineers so they would create more rescue robots in the future. By:Norma Hernandez, Alondra Busti, Billy Givens They usually rescue people in mining accident. They save peoples lives. What human function or task does this robot simulate? Rescue robots can be used anywhere that anyone needs help or in medical field or in any rescue operation Is the rescue robot end effector multi-functional? Yes. They can do rescue jobs and search jobs. What sensors does a rescue robot have? What are some advantages and disadvantages a rescue robot have? How do Rescue robots may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future? They would maybe improve more to save people lives. Some advantages are that more people would get saved and they work faster than a human.
Some disadvantages are that they need constant maintenance and need to have a power source to run.
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