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Intermediate 01


Puente CaroSanchez

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Intermediate 01

Do you live in a/an ...?

Where do you live?

What colors do you see in the classroom?
Living room improvement
Intermediate 01
Who do you ask for advice? Who asks you for advice? What do you ask for advice? Do you like giving advice?
Public places
A: Who repairs things in your home?
A: What works well in your bedroom right now?
A: What doesn't work well? How could you reorganize your room?
A: Which
word or phrase would you like to explain?
B: I'd like to explain ...
A: OK, what does it mean?
B: ... What do you think?
YOur voice goes up or down as you speak.
Making informal suggestions
Why don't you fix it yourself?
Match the following words
Who are your favorite celebrities?
What do you know about them?
I agree with (Name). I think ....
I think (Name)'s opinion is reasonable...
public figure
is someone famous, like a movie star. But
a private citizen
is a someone who does not expose his or her
private life
to the others.
Ask your partner

How does a private citizen could become a public figure?
the brakes
a class
a decision
What kind of information is private?

Talk with your partner

What do you say when someone asks you for private information?

What do you see in the area? How could you improve this area?
What do you know about ...?
Central Park
Niagara Falls
Stanford University
What's your favorite park?
How can public parks be preserved?
A: How would you describe your relationship with your parents?
B: I'd describe it open/friendly/tensed/complicated. What about you?
What are these? Where do you see them?
Write 3 rules for two of these places. Use different expressions of prohibition.
What things are you permitted to do at ICPNA/work/college?
Do you agree with them? Why? Why not?
What happens in a graduation ceremony?
What kind of advice was given to the graduates?
What historic or natural sites are there in Peru? which ones have you visited? are they being preserved?
Choose a leader to lead the discussion and a reporter. Also, choose only one place. Discuss the questions and use them to present your report.
Good evening, this committee proposes ____ as a site to be protected. _____ is an historic/natural area...
"the" + adjective = noun

the Peruvian
the American

A: Whose opinions do you agree with?
B: I agree with the adults' opinion. I think teens need a reliable figure. Also, ... What do you think?
A: Well, ...
Are you a pretty or very discipline person? What rules do you have in your life? Why are they important in your life?
describe public place in lima to your partner. then have your partner tell you why these place need to be protected and express two rules or prohibitions.
news blogging
my life in lima
Write three unusual, incredible or crazy events that happened to you during this cycle, one per week. Include title, date and place.
Then report them on a blog, and read the most interesting to the class. Include pictures.
Mar. 10, 2015.
This afternoon, I saw a the most beautiful sunset when I was running along the beach. It was awesome.
Breathtaking sunrise
life's changes
What words do you think for parent/friend/both?
Are you friends with your parents?
Who is the speaker?
Why are they in the ceremony?
What are some things that the students did in the past?

What did the speaker talk about in the last speech you heard?
Who has a driver's license? How long have you had it?
What did you do to get it?
In which other situations, do you need to get a license?
What are you planning to do this weekend?
A: What do you think are penny's plans or intentions?
B: I think she
's planning to
get a passport.
A: What does she need to do?
B: She
needs to
pay a fee at the bank. then, she
needs to
apply at the immigration office. finally, she
needs to
wait for two hours.
A: What are you planning to do?
B: i'm ______
A_ What do you need to do before ____?
B: I need ______. Then, I _____. Also, I _____. Finally, I ______.
October 13, 2015
November 1, 2015
December 24, 2015
What are you going to do on ___?
A: What are you going to do tonight?
B: I'm ________________. It _________.
A: (Extra questions)
A: What do you think you are going to/ will do ___ years from now?
B: I think ...
What does an ambassador do?
What types of ambassador exist?


A: How are the expressions the same or different?
B: I think the expressions on the left are talking
about _______ and the ones on the left are ___.
What do you think?
A: I believe on the left, people are going to get married.
A: When do people's
B: It starts when they
were born
. When does a person
fall in love
A: Well, ...
Ask your partner.

When is a good time to get married?
When do you want to get married? How many children would you like to have?
which major life events can you mention?
A: Which of life's events are you looking forward to (you're excited for)?
B: I'm looking forward to
enrolling in college
. I want to major in ...
A: Which one do you want to avoid? Why?
B: I want to avoid ...
what words, ideas, and images do you think
when you hear the word stress?

A: What are positive and negative stressors?
A: How do you cope with stress? Please, share three strategies.
Share with the class three
interesting strategies to cope with stress.
have you ever ...?
go hang gliding
go sky diving
have lived
in Australia for 5 years.

have seen
the Great Barrier Reef.

I visited Japan in 2012.
Have you ever heard this unusual news?
What happened to the woman?
Talk with your partner about the milestones in your life Then talk about what you will do in the future.
A: What are some milestones in your life?
B: Well, I think ...
A: What will do in in the future?
B: I will enroll in college.
What's the latest news?
What happened? How did you learn about it?
What are the names of some popular news shows you watch or know?
A: How do you typically get your news?
B: I guess. I usually get it from TV. I never read newspapers. What about you? How do usually get it?
What does this graph show?
bar chart
pie chart
line chart
What are reliable sources to get economics/education information from?
Do you remember any unusual news?
What are some unusual behaviors you've heard of in animals?
what's is to improve?
a) to get better
b) to get worse
explain the blue words.
A: According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, "
" is something that is very confusing and difficult.
Do colors influence on your personality or behavior? How do they affect you?
when do you use a color wheel?
Which colors do you think are warm? Which colors are cool?
ask and answer.

What's the lecture about?
What's your favorite combination? why?
Saying a series of items
My studio has a DESK, BOOKSHELF, CARPET and futon.
What things do you check when you visit a house or an apartment that you want to buy?
why don't you fix it yourself?

Emilia has just moved into a new aparment. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
How does Emilia like the apartment? What's the problem?
How does Felipe make suggestions to solve the problem?
How does Emilia accept and refuse the advice?
Your partner has the same problems in her apartment. What would you tell her / him to do?
making informal suggestions
Why don't you
+ base form ...?
I know what you should do.
Base form ...
Have you thought about
+ gerund ...?
+ gerund ...
Why don't you
make your project little by little.
making your project little by little.
past participles used as adjectives
Past participles describe a state.
Past participle of verbs (-ed forms) can be used as adjectives. Most can come before the noun or after a linking verb (be, seem, etc.)
Use also the past participles of irregular verbs.

I can't drive my car now. It is

How do you cure a

I think there is a design problem.
That column is
you will get 5 pieces of homework. Present 4 out of 5, then you will get one valuable point.
1. write a paragraph about five things you wan to improve in your house. Submit it by October 2.
2. What's your favorite park? how can public parks be preserved? write five ideas.

an improvement project
would you like to visit it? why? why not?
what are some of the problems with this waiting room?
what can you do to fix some of these problems?
A: How do we make this home welcoming?
B: ok, the walls
are cracked
with neutral colors.
Why don't we fix
the walls and paint them with light colors such as light blue and light green. What do you think?
A: I like the idea. ALso, the carpet
is stained
i know what we should do.
change the carpet or put tiles instead of the carpet.

making your presentation
Hello, everyone. I'd like to thank for coming. We're are (Names). We're from (Company).
Our ideas for improving the waiting room are.
To paint...
To change...
To fix...
Who are they?
What does "That's none of your business" mean?
A) Don't interfere.
B) Interfere

What landscapes do you know in New York?

Find related words.
A: What word did you find for "
B: Well, beauty is a
. I found
, it's an
. What did you find for
A: Uhm,
is a ...
Expressing prohibition
1. Use
allowed to
, or
to give or deny
Example: You
park here for free.
're not allowed
to use your cell phone.
aren't permitted
in this public institution.
2. Use
must not
formal rules
. In spoken English, use
can or can't
Example: You
must not
bring animals into the hospital.
swim in this pool without adult supervision.
3. Use
No + gerund
No smoking.
A: What's your answer for 1?
B: It's "
Sir, you aren't allowed to park you car here today. Please use the parking lot
B: Where would you hear that?
A: I'd hear
on the street from a police officer
. What about 2?
Where do you find rules?
I find rules in hospitals, goverment places, ...

A: What rules do you suggest for the classroom?
B: Let's see. First, you
leave class early. Second, you
aren't allowed to
chew gum in school.
Homework 3
You want to protect one of these places. Write one or two paragraphs supporting your project.
Good evening, ladies and gentleman. My project intends to protect Manu. It is an important place to wild life. It is rare and old. Many people have visited it, and others will visit it. It is amazing...
Five-minute discussion
1. What's the role (function) of rules and law in society? Are they helpful or useful?
2. What rules are there in your house?
A: How would you describe your relationship with your parents?
B: I think my parents are too strict. They should relax a little.
My parents put conditions when I want to do something. For example, before going to a concert, I have to do all my homework. Another example, they want me to go straight home after I finish classes at ICPNA.
why is max renewing his driver's license? why is he planning to do?
Talking about plans:
I'm planning to
travel to Turkey.
I'm going to

visit my best friend.
I'm thinking about
running a marathon.
Talking about needs:
I need (to get )
a driver's license.
Talk with your partner.
1. What future do you use when you make predictions?
2. What do you use when you state a plan?
3. What do you use when state that something is about to happen?
4. When do you use simple present and present continuous to talk about the future?
the magic answer bag
no way!
Do you think people or things can predict the future? Explain give 4 ideas.

A: please, retell frank's story use some of the blue words.
B: Let's see. Frank
was born
now, you continue.
A: Which event causes more stress?
B: I think the death of a spouse does. Well, a man has been married for some time with his wife. They have shared many things together. Then she dies, she will miss him a lot. What do you think?

are you going to travel in the summer?

will you study english in the same schedule?

are you going to get a two in writing quiz?
Modals of future possibility
may might could
Use may, might or could to talk about future possibilities.
come late to class.
Use may, might or could to answer questions about the future.
Is our soccer team going to win the championship?
. They need to practice hard.
Use only
to answer in the negative
Are you going to the concert tonight?
not. I have homework.
talk with your partner.
A: Are you going to get to class on time tomorrow?
B: I
. We have a quiz. What about you? Are you going to get to class on time?
A: I
. I have to leave earlier.

report to another partner.
A: So what do you think scientists will be able to solve the global warming problem?
B: They might not. There is always something new that damages the environment. Besides, a few goverments have friendly-enviroment laws.
A: what events in life are you looking forward to?
B: I'm looking forward to graduating from college. Also, ...
finally, ...
what will you do?
A: Do you think you'll have at least two children?
B: I will. I'm part of a large family. We always have fun together and help each other. I hope to give the same experiences to my children.
ask your partner.
1. What are you going to do next year?
2. what will you do once you turn 25 years old?
3. when will you get married?
4. will you have a family? how many children will you have?
5. when do you think you are going to retire?
Use your partner's information and write about the events that
happen and the ones
happen. Give details.
My partner is (Name). She's a college student. She is looking forward to the milestones in her life.

Next year, she's going to ...
Once she turns 25 years old, she might...

A: What plans do you have for
your future education or career?
B: Let's see, next I will graduate
from college. i have a job. in two years,
i may receive a master. what about you?
B: where do you plan to live in the future?
B: What plans do you have for a family life?
A: Which blue words can have a negative meaning?
B: I think gossip can have a negative meaning. People gossip when they talk badly about the private life of other people. I believe it is none of their business. What other blue word can have a negative meaning?
talk about your own experience with a partner.
A: Well, I love to
talk to
my friends.
about our plans, studies and music.
B: I see, I chat with my friends too. We share our school and work experiences. Is it easy for you
to strike up a conversation
with new people?
prepare a report
I talked with (Name). Her family typically chat about friends and school over dinner.
She could confidently give a talk on Chemistry. It's her major.
How do you communicate with your family and friends?
I often talk with my mom on the phone. I email...
brother and sister / cousins
birthday girl
bride maid
flower girl
at the party
A: hey, (NAME). thanks for inviting me. But i don't know anybody here.
B: don't worry. i'm sure you'll like them.
A: who are the couple

in the kitchen
b: ah, they're not a couple. the
girl in the stripped-less
dress is my oldest cousin. the boy
next to
her is my brother.
holding a plate with a piece of cake on it
waving at...
yawning and carrying a teddy bear
nutty: strange, silly or foolish
present perfect
've known
him for 20 years, but we
haven't talked
for a year.
've known
him since I was a child.
Use the present perfect with
(for a period of time) and
(for a point of time).
talk about the people on the pictures. describe them using participial and prepositional phrases. then say what will happen in their future.
A: Who are they?
B: Well, the lady
in black
on the very left
is my friend. Her name is mary. Mary is a volleyball coach. So i think next year, she will coach the adult team because she has been coaching girls for more than 10 years.
write about an unusual story
Which media do you use to get your unusual story? what kind of news is it (national, international, sports). what's your story about?
use present perfect if possible.
What's one thing you would do to improve this room?
I would change the rug. Also, I would and ...
What things could you
in your living room?
I could
the furniture. I would put a bigger couch in front of the TV and I would put a single seat between a lamp and a book case.
What can people retell / rewrite / reorganize?
People can ...
Look at this living room.
Describe it with your partner and then make two changes based on what you read.
I like green, but I think the olive green in this room is
. Thus, I would change it for turquoise.
What colors do you observe in nature?
What colors are your favorite?
What colors are predominant in your bedroom?
Do you like them? Why? Why not?
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