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Thermal Waters in Portugal - Comenius presentation about the 4Ens - Lepe, Spain

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Hugo Macário

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Thermal Waters in Portugal - Comenius presentation about the 4Ens - Lepe, Spain

Thermal waters in Portugal
Used for therapeutic purposes
since Roman times,
thermal waters are an infinite source of well-being because of their purity and diversity.
7th International Comenius Conference in Lepe, Spain

In Fadagosa de Nisa, there are thermal springs with sulphurous water, sought due to its therapeutic value in the treatment of rheumatic and respiratory problems.
The thermal springs are open since April until November.

São Pedro do Sul Thermae
With over 2000 of history, these thermal baths already have numerous cases of success. They are also the biggest thermal baths on a national level and are amongst the biggest and better of Europe.
Recommended by doctors, the thermal treatment improves mobility and reduces pain. It also reduces the consumption of chemical products ingested by medication.
Water chemicals
: Weakly mineralized water. Sweet. Very alcaline reaction , with a superficial temperature of 68,7ºC.
A ph of 8,89 to 18ºC and a stream of 10L/s.

Therapeutic indications:

Respiratory system diseases
Rheumatological and musculoskeletal diseases
Metabolic-endocrine diseases
Open all year, they offer two thermal baths, modernly equipped and a qualified technical team.
Located at the heart of the Hill, in the south of Portugal, this exquisite Villa is formed by hotels in restored historical buildings, a thermal water outer swimming pool, Thermal SPA, meeting rooms, restaurants, shops and wine bar, which distinguish this small Villa, located in an alternative Algarve, only 20 Kilometres away from the finest beaches.
Vimeiro Spas
Chemical action of the water:
Total Mineralisation
: Hypersaline
Ion Composition
: Chlorinated sodic.

Therapeutic Indications and respective pathologies:
Skin Diseases, Digestive Tract, Circulatory System, Respiratory System
These thermae are characterized by having two water sources with different characteristics. One comes from the Source of Santa Isabel and is bio carbonatada-chlorinated water and the other is from the Fountain of Fadres where the water is chlorinated-sodium-magnesian.
These spas have the best equipment for treatment of nasal and oral problems.
What differentiates these spas from the others is the characteristic and the quality of their water one of the most sulphurous sodic, strong, hypomineralised, sodium carbonated (alkaline) silicated, fluoridated in Europe.
São Vicente thermae
Chemical composition of the water:
Total mineralization: Weakly mineralized
Ion Composition: Sulfura, bicarbonated, Sodium
Therapeutic indications:
chronic bronchitis
Nisa Spas
Monchique Spas
Therapeutic Indications and related diseases | Wellness Programmes:

Bicarbonated, with sodium and fluorine, the Monchique Water is, medically speaking, indicated for respiratory problems, muscle and skeletal disorders.
Tourism infrastructure and animation:

The Thermal Village is formed by 5 Hotels (
D. Carlos Hotel
Central Hotel
D. Lourenço Inn
D. Francisco Apartments

and Termal Hotel
), Thermal Spa, Craft and Convenience Shop, Wine Bar, Outdoor Swimming Pool with thermal water, Restaurants, Kids Club, trekking, biking, Fóia (8 km); Golf (15 km), Beaches (20 km).
Chemical action of the Water:
Total Mineralisation: Lightly mineralised
Ion Composition: Sulphurous, Bicarbonated, Sodic

Therapeutic Indications and respective pathologies | Well-being Programmes:
Respiratory, rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions, skin and dermatological diseases, metabolic/endocrinal diseases.
Tourism and recreation infrastructure:

Heritage; Gastronomy; Handicrafts;
Recreation; Exhibitions; Sports Activities
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