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Area 51 - Hangar 18 ~ Headley Project

No description

Darson Clelland

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Area 51 - Hangar 18 ~ Headley Project

Area 51 - Hangar 17 Hangar 18 is the largest hangar in Area 51, it is also the most famous as is the base itself.

They are all famous for their theories, but the theories were all false. Or says the engineers and scientist who came out and talked about Area 51.

The crash that was supposedly aliens, was the A-12 OXCART super-secret Spy plane the government was testing at the site. When the plane crashed the government had cleaned up the mess. Yet the citizens who didn't know any better said that it was an alien space craft and the government was hiding the extraterrestrials at Area 51 under Hangar 18 and their space craft inside the hangar because it had been the largest. What everyone thinks happened at Area 51. What actually happened at Area 51 Area 51 - Hangar 18
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