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The Tame and The Wild

A redelivery of David Perkins' message at Project Zero Classroom 2013

Wendy Henderson

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of The Tame and The Wild

Teaching for Understanding
in the 21st Century

The Tame and the Wild

by David Perkins
redelieverd by Wendy Henderson

The Tame
The Wild
The "Tricky" Middle
Looking with
"The Wildometer"

Taming the Wild

Wilding the Tame

A train goes 500 miles in 10 hours.
How far does the train go in 1 hour?

Wilding the Tame
How far, on the average, does the train go in one hour?

What key event led the United States to enter World War II?
Should President Harry Truman have approved the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
What key event inspired Picasso to paint the famous "Guernica"?

What strategies does Picasso use to build up an intense expression of the horrors of war?
Overtaming the Wild
'Elementitis' and 'Aboutitis'
Learning for understanding is...
...more like learning to think historically than just learning
events, names, and dates
...more like learning to think mathmatically than just learning rules and routines
...more like learning to engage works of literature deeply and thoughtfully than just learning about authors and standard interpretations
or just applying standard analytical tools like plot and setting
...more like learning to think and respond according to the nature of a problem rather than just simply knowing the elements of scientific thinking

'Elementitis" and 'Aboutitis'
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