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The Battle of Vimy Ridge

No description

Vimy Ridge

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of The Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Battle of Vimy Ridge
By: Sukhmeet, Faiza, Waleed, and Murtaza
: April 9th 1917 5:30am Easter Monday
: Northern France 175km north of Paris
: Canada, Germany and Britain
: Britain and Germany were stuck in a stalemate, In the spring of 1917 the Allies planned a new attack.
How Did it Impact Canadian Identity
: Gathered respect from many countries around the world. *More on "Birth of a Nation"*
(Kissock, 2010, pg.24).
Background Information
Out of all the brutal battles of World War 1, Vimy Ridge was defiantly the bloodiest and the most important to Canadians. The cruel weather and conditions, the violet weapons used, the number of casualties and the short but successful length of the battle all prove our team being the most worthy of receiving the money.
Thesis Statement
- It was terribly cold and windy
(Granatstein & Morton, 2003, 90).
- There was sleet and snow
(The Battle of Vimy Ridge, 2015 March 3).
- Weather caused trouble even earlier than April 9
(Vimy Ridge: Where one enemy was the weather, 2015 April 9).
- Soldiers would have frozen hands and feet
- Hot food would freeze in the veteran’s tins
(Granatstein & Morton, 2003, 87).
- Soldiers would have to crawl from the war nerd tranches and wait in frozen mud in the black pre-dawn
(Granatstein & Morton, 2003, 90).
- Soldiers were very cold and muddy and also shared their trenches with rats
(Vimy Ridge and the Birth of a Nation, 2015 April 24).
- Soldiers would face the war knee-deep in cold liquid mud
(Vimy Ridge: Where one enemy was the weather, 2015 April 9).
- Mud would clog rifles and bog down tanks
- Rain would make waist-deep floodwater
- Weather caused a one-day delay in the bombardment
(Vimy Ridge: Where one enemy was the weather, 2015 April 9).
Weather (Image)
Weather (Video)
Ross Riffle:
Ross Riffle was a canadian gun weapon that canadian used during the vimy ridge.This gun used to jam during the battle.This weapon had a horrible reputation.

In the four day battle 3598 canadians died and 7004 were wounded.

Weaps Used:
Light machine gun
Ross Riffle
42.000 tons of amunition
Ross Bayonet
Flame throwers
600 field guns
250 heavy gun and light howitzers
Vickers mhine guns
Over 60000 canadians would participate in the great war

The Canadian Corps had achieved the greatest single Allied advance on the Western Front, to that point of the war.
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2006)
Length of Battle (Continue)
The Canadians began the attack at 5:30am on Monday April 9th 1917.
An initial wave of Canadians stormed the ridge and captured most of the Germans positions by the afternoon of the first day.
After 3 more days of fighting "Hill 145" and "The Pimple" were in Canadian hands too.
Length of Battle
To conclude, the reason why our team is most deserving of the money is the Canadians who fought in the battle of Vimy Ridge went through harsh weather conditions, used the most dangerous weapons, had a huge number of soldiers die and still had the most successful Canadian battle in World War 1.
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Birth of a Nation
The victory at Vimy Ridge was greeted with awe and enthusiasm in Canada.
Became a symbol of Canadian nationalism.
Soldiers from every region in Canada had taken the ridge together
As Brigadier-General Alexander Ross would famously say of the battle: " . . . in those few minutes, I witnessed the birth of a nation"
Prime Minister Robert Borden stepped out of Britain's shadow and pushed for separate representation for Canada.
Construction of a large limestone memorial on top of Hill 145 on Vimy Ridge inscribed with names of the 11,285 Canadians who died in France.
(The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2006)
100000 French soldiers killed and wounded in previous efforts to remove the Germans
The first wave of more then 1500 canadians struck hard successfully capturing the front line
11285 canadians died in France with no grave
Canada suffered 6000 fatalities
The germans defenders suffered 20000 casualties
There were an estimated 20000 casualties on the German side
The french has suffered over 150000 casualties
Creeping barrage was a source of weapons that was to scare or back off the enemies.It used to kills lots of the opponent.This was a line of heavy artillery fired at opponent and it fired every minute.

Vimy Ridge Western Front, War Museum, October 8th 2015, From http://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/exhibitions/vimy/images/western-front-1917-eng.jpg

(The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2006)
(Vimy Ridge: Where one enemy was the weather, 2015 April 9).
(Vimy Ridge Footage, 2007 April 7).
Canadian Museum Of History
January 23,2014
Canadian War Museum
Title House Film Distribution
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