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My Sandwicwch,Tanner


Agassi Student

on 1 October 2016

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Transcript of My Sandwicwch,Tanner

Meat,Pickles, Jalepenos,Strawberries
Went to, Maine to get wheat
First, One day i just thought to myself were can I get the best wheat I said....Maine cause last, time i went to Maine there was 47% wheat i searched it up.
I went in my closet grabbed my Black Timberland Flying boots and flew to,Maine on the way there i stopped by Adventure Dome to go on the El Loco cause next door, was a farm with alot of... Wheat so i hopped the gate Grabbed Wheat and smashed it together to make bread good thing i bought....A couple of bags to put my things in there...so, i jumped on my favorite horse Ryder and her start riding off faster than a Skyline.

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