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Welcome to Equal Exchange Fundraising!

No description

Rebekah Forni

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Equal Exchange Fundraising!

Run a combined catalog and online fundraiser to reach everyone and maximize your profits.
Welcome to
Equal Exchange!

Raise money for your school or group with products
you can feel good about offering to your

Do you usually
fundraise with these?
Artificially-Flavored Cookie Dough
How about
Organic & Fair Trade...
Strong partnerships with small-scale farmers and artisan co-operatives around the world.
Farmers get a fair price for their crops and our support through every season year after year.

Fair trade premiums support community development, health care and agricultural innovations.
When you fundraise with Equal Exchange products, your community becomes part of this mission.
Connect with farmers
and artisans across the globe,
while giving your friends, family, and neighbors what they really want...
Tasty and high quality foods and gifts!
Sound interesting?
Hands-on tools and educational
materials for the classroom
Over 600 schools and groups raised money while helping farmers and artisans around the globe last year.

Why not join them?
Hear what parents are saying about Equal Exchange:
Reach your local community with a catalog fundraiser. Your group earns 38-48% of the profits from the products you sell.
Reach distant friends and relatives with a personalized online webstore.
Your group earns a flat 25%
of your total sales.
When you choose
Equal Exchange, you receive:

Competitive Profits for your group
Free Catalogs and Order Forms
Free shipping for bulk orders
over $135
Guidance and support to help you through every step of your
Here's how it works:

Waxy Chocolate
Ready for
something different?
Farmer Co-ops
Long Term Relationships
Fair Trade Premiums
What's behind these products?
Online Fundraiser
Catalog Fundraiser
Handmade Gifts
& more
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