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Mathematics SL IA

No description

Hemant Yogendra

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Mathematics SL IA

Mathematics SL Internal Assessment
IA Topic?
Personal Engagement?
To what extent does the price of a vehicle affect the time at which it travels from 0-60mph?
Personal Engagement?

I am a car enthusiast. I have loved cars ever since I was a young child. As I got older my interest and knowledge of cars has increased greatly, so part of this IA was to investigate whether the price of a car affects the time at which it travels. I am also currently looking to buy a fast car so I wanted to increase my knowledge as to if I would be able to afford a fast vehicle.
Math Modeling

I used the linear regression equation to find the line of best fit for my data and the Pearson's Correlation Coefficient equation, to find the correlation coefficient of the data.
Reflection on Math Process
Dislikes and What to Improve
How was my data obtained?
TI-84 Graphing Calculator
Microsoft Excel and Word
Liked and Learned
What I liked is that the Math IA was a learning process for me. It was practically the first IA I created. This allowed me to get better at writing up IAs because I could learn based upon my mistakes that I found throughout the investigation.
Mathematics SL Course
What I learned the most was that the high level of math that we learn could actually be used for real world problems. IB has shown all of us that everything we do can be used in some way or the other. I also learned that if you don't study and stay focused you won't do very well, especially for a course like Methods where you have to apply rules and use a certain process, to an extent, to find the correct answer.
Future Improvements
CALCULUS: I am still in cognitive dissonance with all of the calculus we have done this year. I don't understand it a lot, so I hope that when I take calculus in my Senior year I will get better at it.
Relevant Math?
Who cares?
Speed of light?
Why am I even doing this?
Linear Regression Equation
Pearson's Correlation Coefficient Equation
Power Regression: Line of Best Fit
Linear Regression: Line of Best Fit
Based off of the data obtained, there does seem to be a correlation between the price of the car and the acceleration time from 0-60mph.

The correlation coefficient for the best graph I found to work, the power regression line, the correlation coefficient was a moderatly strong negative slope of -0.79.

This means based off of my data that if I would like a fast car I would need to have a pretty good amount of money.
The process of creating linear regressions by hand.
Long nights of no sleep.
Excel and Word not working in my favor at 3 in the morning.
Time Management
Improvements to IA
Create a more concise research question.
I used a wide range of vehicles. I should have just used sport cars so that the data could be more specific to fast vehicles.
More math...
Did not include that fact that I could buy a used car, or put aftermarket products on it.
I also really enjoyed vertexes! Although I may still have some trouble doing it, it was my favorite subject out of the course.
How the course was taught...
Time Travel?
Slows down time?
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