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No description

Natalie Savery

on 27 November 2012

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Introduction to being a Peer Educator Benefits of Peer Education What is a peer educator? Why would I want to be a peer educator? Being a positive Role Model Tell us why you decided to come along to HYPE? What support will I get? A peer is a person who is similar to you, who maybe has similar interests, hobbies and future plans.

“Peer education is a process which attempts to build on the existing information exchange between young people about sensitive issues such as substance misuse” In other words - it's young people passing on info to other young people! To support you peers and friends
To gain confidence in delivering training to a group of people
To fulfil your ‘volunteering’ part of a particular scheme (D of E, Welsh Bach)
To learn more about substance misuse
To gain a qualification
Looks good on your CV
To put something back into society What will I have to do ? Act as a positive role model
Signpost young people who you come into contact with to relevant services
Present workshops to year 8
make sure that your info is up to date! Young Person's worker who you can contact
School contact
Meeting every 3 monthss
How else can we support you? Peer Educator Course will cover : Presentation Communication Signposting Substance info Risky behaviour What are the skills and qualities that you need to be a good peer educator? Who are your role models?
Why do we need to be positive role models?
What sort of things should we do or not do to be positive role models? Monitoring and reflection Communication
Positive Approachable
Supportive Workbook Exercise
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