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How does Ancient Rome effect our society today?

My I-Search Project

Olivia Whittington

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of How does Ancient Rome effect our society today?

How does Ancient Rome Affect our Society Today?
My Thesis Statement
Ever since learning about Ancient Rome in 6th grade, I have wanted to learn more about it. They have invented/improved many of the things we have now days. Therefore my research question is how does Ancient Rome impact our society today. It has impacted our society today by making things such as the aqueduct, roads, arches, and much more.
"The Romans were prodigious builders and
expert civil engineers and their thrilling
civilization produced advances in technology."
My Research Process
First I picked out my topic. Next I started researching things about Ancient Rome, I found 3 sources on it but I found that one of them was not credible so I went back and researched some more. I found 3 more credible sources on my research topic. So then I started taking notes and started putting them in an organizer. Then I finally put them in my Prezi and started my project. I had some technical difficulties but overall it was pretty good. I am finally ready have it peer edited and I will wait to hear their feedback. I just had to change a few things, and now I am done!
My First Major Finding
Ancient Rome
Roads-"The most common materials used for paving roads are asphalt and concrete."(How do you build a road,2) We have adopted roads from them we just use different materials then they do.
My Second Major Finding
My Third Major Finding
Famous Roman buildings with arches-"The Colosseum, The Arch of Septimus Severus, The Arch of Titus, The Arch of Tiberius, The Arch of Augustus, The Arch of Constantine, and Roman Aqueducts."(Roman Arches,2) Our arches today are in many of the buildings we have, even L.M.S! We have adopted arches, just like many other things we have, from Ancient Rome. (Get pictures of Roman Arches and pictures of Modern Day Arches and compare them.)
My Final Answer to my Research Question
Ancient Rome has affected us by all of their inventions/improvements they have done. Without them, we might not have all the technology we have today such as, "Aqueducts, roads, arches, concrete, bound books, and a lot more."
(Andrews, 1) This whole process of my I-Search has impacted me greatly and I can't wait to share it with others wanting to learn more on Ancient Rome.
Reflection/Concluding Statement
All Roads lead to Rome
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By: Olivia Whittington
Roads-"Were constructed with a combination of dirt, gravel and bricks made from granite and a mixture of volcanic lava."(Andrews,6)
Aqueducts-"Ancient aqueducts used tunnel and channels(passages for water to flow) to transport water."(Water World,1)
Aqueducts-"Today's aqueducts are longer and able to carry more water than ancient aqueducts."(Water World,1) Do to the Ancient Roman method we have been able to use this method and make it better.
Throughout my research process I learned all the things that Ancient Rome developed and improved are most of the things we use now days things like roads, arches, aqueducts, and all of these things help us produce advances in technology. I learned a lot about how Ancient Rome affects our society today, it taught me a lot. I know that without the Romans we might not have the buildings and technology we have today. And that would be bad. Just think of a world without all of your technology.
"There's no doubt that the Ancient Romans were master builders. Many temples, roads, and aqueducts constructed during Roman times have held up remarkably well, despite the wear- and-tear...geologists and engineers have long been fascinated by Roman harbors, many of which stand intact for almost 2,000 years or more."(10 facts about Ancient Rome,2) Since these creations have stayed up for so many years, they have become tourist attractions that you can go see.
Ancient Rome
Today's arches are much more well built and can stretch for miles. They can also hold much more weight. For example; the Woodrow Wilson Bridge shown in the picture above.
Ancient Roman arches were not as long as some of the ones in buildings you see today, but back then they were huge. Here is one of the arches Ancient Rome created above, sorry I do not know the name of it.
Ancient Rome is amazing!
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