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Argumentative Writing

I am in sixth grade learning about Argumentative Writing ,the purpose of this presentation is to show that students' mobile device should be allowed in my school.

Nailea Torres

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Argumentative Writing

Argumentative Writing
Should RSMS allow students to use their own mobile technology in class?
Students should be permitted to use their own mobile technology in class.
Reason One:
Schools are preparing kids for adult life
and part of that is keeping up with all the
new updates in technology.
Evidence One:
It is shown that companies look for well
educated people with
experience, who know the updated information in technology.
Evidence Two:
According to a survey on debate.org it is important to let students use their own devices in the future because technology is just going to become even more advanced.
Reason Two:
Bringing cell phones or other mobile devices to class can help save money, thus creating funds to be used in areas of weaknesses in the school system.
Evidence One:
According to Oak Hills district using a cell phone policy has helped them spend less money on devices.
Evidence Two:
Scholastic, known for its books said that E-books an app on mobile devices includes textbooks and all kinds of things to read which can help schools from buying textbooks each year.
Reason Three:
Using mobile technology has also shown an increase in test scores.
Nailea Torres
Laura Alonso
Hayden Carter
Ayden Smith

Evidence One:
A professor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Arkansas says that a recent study reported at Mashable showed a 30% increase in test scores.
Evidence Two:
A survey of Pearson Foundation says that more than six in ten college's senior students agree that mobile devices help them study easier and help them perform better in class.
Our Counterargument:
A negative effect of using mobile technology is that it can cause distractions for students in class.
Our Conclusion:
Next time you're using your mobile device think about what a great tool it will be for learning.
A survey by teachers show that over 70% think that students' devices have a detrimental effect on their attention span in class.
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