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the curious incident of the dog in the night-time mind map

How text and images relate

Herbie Peterson

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of the curious incident of the dog in the night-time mind map

the curious incident
of the dog
in the night-time With text & image relationships Text Images Relationship Images help show how good Christopher's memory is. Shows that he is not dumb. Shows how much of his memory is "chunks" Image of the orangutans (pg 179). All these things
are going on in the metro He remembers how they looked. In the middle of traveling to London when he thinks he is going to die, he drops in a chapter describing the Metro's advert. He doesn't remember much but what he does is very vivid. Shows his need to focus on few things. They reinforce how Christopher says he sees everything "I see everything" (pg 140). Images allow him to describe what he see's better than words. This shows an issue with language. The picture of the cow (pg 142). Here Christopher also provides a detailed list of what he saw. Issues
people On page 2 and 3 we see how Christopher interprets peoples emotions. He can only understand happy and sad, not the other emotions people feel. He can't behave to their reactions. Christopher uses images to make decisions (pg 130-131). Created a chart to decided what he should do after he found out his father had killed Wellington. Decision Making The images allow Christopher describe very simple and very complicated things. The Monty Hall Problem (pg 65)
Map of train station (pg 144)
Map of mom's apartment (pg 192)
Card to mom (pg 27)
Space/Time relationship (pg 157) Understanding Asperger's Syndrome These chunks can be overwhelming (pg 169-170). There is to much going on for him to focus on. These images reinforce that. It also shows how he can't focus on one thing in the sign. The text is written at a very simple
language level. The sentences are simple and his diction lacks elaboration. The text represents how fast he
processes information and how it all
gets connected/jumbled together During several parts during the text punctuation dropped out. The sentences were strung together like thoughts, with no breaks. This occurred at:
When the train rolls in (pg 176).
Describing people on a train (pg 158) The text makes us aware of Christopher's love[need] of patterns. (regularity) Patterns Language Understanding People Mentions how the surf would be
like the rhythm or drums (pg 200).
These are very regular patterns. "The trains coming in and out of the station were in a rhythm, like music or drumming" (Haddon 179) These rhythms keep him calm. He also says other rhythms keep him calm. This pattern can relate to his everyday routine and how everything needs to be almost the same everyday. Metaphors Christopher doesn't like metaphors. He doesn't understand them and thinks that they are lies. He thinks of them literally (15). This prevents him from using any in his text. (151) Police officer says "you lead the way" Christopher doesn't understand. Incoming Information
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