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Copy of SMART Goal Plan

To Improve Southeast Raleigh

Kelly Heitz

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SMART Goal Plan

Jordan Avery, Anneliese Koontz, Ryan Adams & Sharmani Hall SMART Specific
*Uses numbers and details
Timely The goal for last year was to get 75%
of student scoring as a 3 or 4. The
smart goal for the 2011-2012 school year
was not met. The score calculated
(including re-tests) was a 62. A SMART Goal is a plan created to better student
achievement and build on career
development. SMART Lunch
Mandatory tutoring if below a 75%
Smaller classes
Rewards for students over 80%
Class rewards Improvement Plan Mean: 74
Median: 75
Mode: 72
Standard Deviation: 13.9 Mean, Median and Mode of
Combined Tests Biology Percent English I End-of-Course Test for
Grade 9, Level I and II Performance (2010-11) Comparison to other school Mean: 72
Median: 74
Mode: 72
Standard Deviation: 14 Panther Creek High School 3.3%
Southeast Raleigh High School 23.1%
Green Hope High School 3.9%
Mean: 74
Median: 75
Mode: 76
Standard Deviation: 14 Panther Creek provides SMART lunch. During SMART lunch they also schedule speakers. Panther creek also provides personalized educations and mentors to students and beginning teachers.
Mean: 76
Median: 76
Mode: 76
Standard Deviation: 13 Green Hope provided mentors to freshman that were failing courses in the first semester. They also created a culture that promotes student responsibility. Even though SRMHS increased test scores in Algebra 1 and English 1 from the year before, it was not adequate. Hence, the S.M.A.R.T goal should be kept the same. New SMART Goal English 1 Algebra 1 Citations "2011-2012 Student Enrollment - HIGH SCHOOLS." WCPSS: 2011-2012 HIGH SCHOOLS Quick Facts. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 July 2012.

School Improvement Plan (2010): 1-4. Web. 31 July 2012. <http://panthercreekhs.wcpss.net/resources/originalworddocuments/School%20Improvement%20Plan%202010-12.pdf>.

"School Improvement Plan Summary." 1. Web. 31 July 2012. <http://greenhopehigh.wcpss.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/school-improvement-plan-summary.pdf>.

N. pag. Web. 31 July 2012. <http://greenhopehigh.wcpss.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/SIT-May-10-2011.pdf>. Training and implementation Teachers could be trained to instruct using alternative methods, in this way the students could always have another way of learning. The teachers would have to receive training in different methods of instruction. Teachers, would also receive instruction in identifying students' learning styles. 3 and 4 Scores
English Algebra 1 Biology Overall
3 and 4s 369 273 361 1003
Total 572 388 664 1624
% 64.5% 70.4% 54.4% 63%
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