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No description

Loh Chee Hao

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of KFC

Name: Loh Chee Hao 208-1949-04
Tee Ker Wei 110052-00993-010
History of KFC
KFC founder by Colonel Harland Sanders.
First restaurant on Jalan Abdul Rahman in 1973.

Operated more than 690 restaurant around the Southeast Asia.

Organization Chart
Developing Hospitality Business
Operation Hours:
10:00AM – 11:00PM daily

Capacity:Double-Storey restaurant,
Total 130 seats
Provide catering services-(Birthday party)

Latest Promotion
News and Awards
Reader's Digest
Target Market
Students, factory workers, office workers and Families
3-10 years old: Chicky Meal
10 years and above: the set menu
Mostly come in group.
Individual average spending RM15.00
PESTE Analysis
Labor Freedom drop from 79% to 72%
Regulatory efficiency and licensing requirements
is less time consuming
Labor market in Malaysia rigidity persists,
limited the dynamic job growth
2011 European debt crisis drop GDP of Malaysia 3.1%
2013 the economic has recovered in Malaysia, 4.5% per year
Purchasing power increase, willingness of spending increase
Malaysian cultures styles affect different type of products
Gen-Y and Gen-X like to follow trend
Example the Korean Spicy Crunch
and the latest Crispy Crunch
Using the FOSIFLEX system for taking order, billing and linked to kitchen.
and AMS2 for inventory.
To reduce minimum human error and have consistent service.
33% people concern global warming.
To increase reputation and brand enhancement
Used the Eclimo ES11 eco-friendly scooter
Customer Audit Trail (C.A.T)
To enhance the service by queue management like McDonalds.
Having smiling campaign.
Competitive Positioning Map
SWOT Analysis
Within 10km have many resident area, university, school, factory, administrate building
More than 10 years outlet look rundown.
Tesco Nilai KFC (Counter)
BBN KFC (Counter)
Increases customers' perception towards KFC brand and reputation through CSR programmes.
Ex. "
Tabung Penyayang"
(Loving money box) KFC
Fairly high competitive area.
Allow customizations of set meals
Unique organic foods menu
Introduce membership card, to retrieve discounts.
Price of Customize meal is relatively high compare to normal set menu.
Display more signage beside the road.

Create marketing method for the promotion
Ex: the customizing of meal, by having campaign
Main roundabout of Nilai.
Hire more permanent staff, each shift need 2.
Stress training management
Improve the C.A.T.
Learn from McDonalds
Taking order and packing
Physical Evidence
A section for lounge area; tea time to make customer feel comfortable.
Implement new concept; healthier menu for high tea.
Similar like Mc Cafe.
12 Month Marketing Plan for Year 2014
1.) Cinema (TGV) Premium Class
Objective: to promote the new tea time menu
Budget: RM900,000 for 20 outlet
Duration 3 months: Jun-Aug
Cooperate with TGV by promoting the tea time menu, included in ticket.
2.) Website Advertising
Objective: To encourage loyalty customer participant the campaign
Budget: RM 20,000
Duration 3 months: Jan-Mar
Having Competition of "Mix and Match".
The customize meal.
Rewards:will use the menu and get compensation.
4.) Value-added promotion
Duration 3 months: Jan-Dec
Objective: To upsell and attract new customer
Budget: RM 100,000
To encourage people use delivery service.
if late delivery, will give free voucher.
ex: 1 set of cheesy wedges.

5.) Broadcast in radio
( Have spokesperson : JinnyBoy)
Objective: To attract working adults for Tea menu
Duration 3 months:Jun-Aug
Budget: RM 200,000
Mostly are in the car, and use the spokesperson to every language radio, english, chinese and malay.

6.) Special Event
Duration 3 months:Nov-Jan
Objective: to make relief fund for Philippines
Budget: RM 1,000,000
Using the spokesperson for raise relief fund, that "super" Typhoon hit Philippines. Increase brand image.

KFC are aware of CSR.
3.)E-Coupon though Facebook page
Objective: To promote the new "Mix and Match"
Within the 3 month the customer get 10% discount, by showing the "Like" of the Page.
*1 "Like" limited for 2 person.
Duration 3 months:Apr-Jun
Budget: 0
Performance Measurement
Measured through customer feedback form.

20 of customers feedback form is being distributed for customers' comment, recommendation and suggestion.
Measure the performance through finance statement.
Identified PESTE, SWOT and C.A.T, and others problem.

Reasonable recommendations and marketing plans
base on restaurant capability are given.
Sources: Herirage.org (2013)
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