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Medieval Japan

No description

Megan St John

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Japan

Hello from Medieval Japan!!!!
The Japanese people that i have come into contact with seem so at peace with themselves since the Europeans came. They strive to do only good. I am seeing that the population is mostly consisting of either Buddhist or Shinto descent. They seem to get along really well. I would love to be as calm and graceful as them.
Religion of Medieval Japan
The more time that i spend here, the more i admire the people. In the past, they learned how to make a "true sword". They figured out how to make a sword that was able to take hard, thunderous blows; but yet make the sword flexible. Samurais today use these swords. It is just breathtaking once you see the pure power of the knowledge of the people.
Intellectuality of Medieval Japan
Overall, my trip on visiting Medieval Japan has been great! I wouldn't hesitate on coming back again to experience even more on the magnificent, beautiful, ancient land.
Megan St. John
Conclusion on my visit
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